Dyson’s upcoming new tech in November 2010

Dyson pet hair solution

There is a new secret weapon made by the creative team at Dyson rumored to make a debut in November 2010. What is it? No one has a clue yet but it has something to do with a new solution for pet owners. From the email that I got:

We’re launching our latest technology in a few weeks. It solves a common cleaning problem at its source – before it becomes a problem in your home.

Note “at its source”. Perhaps a vacuum cleaner to suck our pet’s hair? Or a magic dog suit with tiny flying bots? Whatever it is, a prototype unit is heading my way to be reviewed. My contact at Dyson didn’t even want to let me know what it is. Last time, something this secretive gave us the amazing Dyson’s bladeless fan. Must have been something amazing again this time. So, wait for my coverage on it ;) (assuming the unit that is being sent is this new secret weapon).

UPDATE: I have received news that the new product being sent to me is indeed this secret weapon for dogs!

Meanwhile, watch this teaser video made by Dyson which is really fun to watch :)

Upcoming product from Dyson for pet’s hair problems video

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