Dyson launched two new Dyson Airwrap attachments to style your hair further

If you are in love with your Dyson Airwrap hair styler (make sure to check our review out), Dyson has more good news for you. There are two new attachments for the Dyson Airwrap: 20mm Barrels and Small Round Volumising Brush.

These new attachments will further allow users to tailor the tool to suit their hair type and desired style.

20mm Barrels

The Dyson Airwrapstyler barrels are designed with flow-vane geometry, to attract, wrap and curl hair using the Coanda effect. The new 20mm Barrels are longer and thinner than the 30mm barrels to deliver tighter curl styles and enhance curl retention for those with finer hair.

It’s available now in Iron/Fuchsia and Black/Purple on December 11 for AU$49 RRP.

Small Round Volumising Brush

This attachment is ideal for those with very short hair and fringes to lift and shape them up.

It’s available now in Black/Purple and Iron/Fuchsia on October 9 for AU$49 RRP.

While Dyson has released the Corrale (we haven’t reviewed it yet), it’s good to see that Airwrap owners are still getting attention and care with these new accessories!

These attachments are available at Dyson.com.au.

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