DreamJob: Working at Google

Google JobsWorking at Google is everybody’s dream job. No, not because the company is so popular, big, and rich.

How about working in an environment where:

  • You can get a massage in the office
  • You can play ping-pong, tennis, volley or other sport games
  • You can play arcade games during work
  • Everything above is free

Not to mention that you can bring your dog to work (beware not everyone will like this, though lol), can go to a Yoga class, meet with other geeks, and of course, the prestige :)

Check out one of the video taken from Oprah Winfrey’s:

However, it’s just great to work with Google. I respect the company a lot and they always create something new and something creative.

The interface is not too shiny, but the usability is very high.

Anways, if you are interested to apply for a job, go for it, but expect a tremendous long queue and a “No” answer, if you’ve got an answer at all :)

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