June 2008 Statistics

June 2008

My blog’s June 2008 statistics: 49,660 Visits, 65,645 Pageviews

  • Referring Sites – 34,324 visits
  • Search Engines – 9,444 visits
  • Direct Traffic – 5,876 visits
  • Other – 16 visits

Money made in June: $64.42 $109.42 ($64.42 from Google AdSense, $20 from SocialSpark, and $25 from PureProfile)
Search engines traffic has gone down from the previous month, 11,361 visits :(  I guess I’m still pretty bad at optimizing my blog for search engines. Hopefully this is because I only have a PageRank of 1 from Google at the moment.

More Referring Sites traffic details:

  • StumbleUpon – 25,495 visits
  • Entrecard – 4,338 visits
  • Reddit – 340 visits
  • BlogCatalog – 199 visits
  • and others..

Many thanks to my friend, Elvi Lioe, who sent me the Pregnant Italian joke to my email, in which it got stumbled 50 times and has 29,360 page views so far. It seems that some people had sent the joke through mailing lists, and I got some stumbled down (people thought I was the spammer :( oh well).

Pie Chart Traffic Sources
Traffic Overlay World Map

Other interesting events happening during the month:

  • My Alexa ranking is improving from 163,278 to 120,402. Now I just need a better PageRank before I can start looking for private advertisers (don’t know how).
  • I got my first check from Google AdSense for my hard work heh heh.
  • David from IZEA and Xuyen from PopCap Games contacted me. What they were about, is a secret :)
  • In touch with great people and their great blogs/sites (Van @bastillwork.net, Ameo @bluecirclet.com, and many of you here that I can’t mention one by one, sorry!)

What I’m looking forward for next month:

  • Looking for another change of theme (hoping to get someone who can design a personal theme for my blog). If you’re interested and confident with your design skills, please contact me :) I’ll try to mantain the white-black-orangey look though, as I think it’s simple, elegant, and easy to read.
  • I still have a 1 year hosting + free domain name from think411.com. No one has bought it yet. I’m thinking to trade that with a personalized theme or I’ll probably throw a small contest, I’m still not sure yet. Suggestions?
  • I only got 4 traffic out of Technorati last month. Will try to find out why and hopefully can tweak something to bring me more traffic from it.
  • Thinking to change my anti spam plug-in on my blog (WP-SpamFree). Scott, the developer, is a great guy but I’ve been getting some feedback from my annoyed readers that they couldn’t make comments. I guess I have to do something before you get annoyed too.
  • My second Google AdSense’s check should be coming too this month ^^
  • Hoping for more exciting people to contact me and form some sort of relationships/partnerships with them.

Looking forward for another great month! How’s yours? Any exciting stuffs happening last month

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