Aten USB-C 4K Ultra Mini Dock with Power Pass-through (UH3235) Review – When I went to New Zealand back in December 2017 with a bunch of friends, I brought the Nintendo Switch along. There were 10 of us and it’s obvious that it would be fun times playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & Just Dance on a big TV to finish the night.

While the Nintendo Switch Dock is quite portable to carry, I did wish that I could just leave it at home as it was somewhat bulky and we wanted to travel as light as possible.

With this Aten USB-C 4K Ultra Gaming Mini Dock with Power Pass-through, that can be a reality now.

It’s basically a multifunctional USB-C mini dock for laptop, smartphone and USB-C Game Console – so it’s not just for the Nintendo Switch. With 4K HDMI Video Output, you can plug your USB-C devices like the MacBook or iPad Pro into the mini dock and output the display on a TV hotel, or any screen with HDMI support.

For example, if you have a laptop with USB-C, MacBook, or a game console like the Nintendo Switch, the Aten Mini dock will work nicely and you can, for example, project the display output to a larger screen.

For Nintendo Switch owners, this means you do not need to bring the Switch Dock anymore while you travel. Simply plug your Nintendo Switch to the Mini Dock through the USB-C cable and plug the HDMI cable to a TV. Thanks to its much slimmer size compared to the Switch Dock, you can travel lighter. Plus, it also supports 4K @30Hz.

Do you prefer to bring the item on the left, or on the right to travel? You know the answer

It has a 60W power pass-through and if you want to connect your USB-C Game Console like the Nintendo Switch, you also need to plug the power adapter into the USB-C DC-in Port. The dock has spare USB slots so you can also plug your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to charge at the same time – just like what you can do on the Switch Dock.

I didn’t encounter any issues with the Aten mini dock when I tried setting it up like usual. Simply plug the HDMI cable to the TV, plug the charger in, and use the included USB Type-C cable to hook your Nintendo Switch to Aten’s mini dock. I wish the cable is longer but I guess it’s not really necessary.

And before long, I can play the Switch as if it’s plugged to the Switch Dock. Pretty seamless here.

Aten USB-C 4K Ultra Mini Dock with Power Pass-through (UH3235) Review

With Aten USB-C 4K Ultra Mini Dock with Power Pass-through, you can safely leave your Nintendo Switch Dock at home when you want to travel with your Nintendo Switch to a friend’s house, or for holiday. Aten’s solution is much more compact to carry, leaving more space inside your backpack, luggage, or Nintendo Switch carrying case like this one from Waterfield Design.

Plus, this is not just made for Nintendo Switch. If you have an iPad Pro, MacBook, laptop that supports USB-C like the Razer Blade, or supported Android phones, you can plug it in to the dock and see the display on the bigger TV (or monitor).

It’s selling at AU$89 at PC Case Gear and other electronic stores such as Mwave, Scorptec, etc at the moment and if you are looking for a Nintendo Switch Dock alternative, or if your device doesn’t have an HDMI port and only USB-C, this is a clear choice.

Disclosure: Aten USB-C 4K Ultra Mini Dock with Power Pass-through review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

Aten USB-C 4K Ultra Mini Dock with Power Pass-through (UH3235) Review


A lighter, slimmer alternative to the Nintendo Switch Dock. It also works with other USB-C devices like your iPad Pro, MacBook, and more!


  • Slim, light to carry
  • USB Type-C cable included
  • Has power pass-through
  • Works, no setup or quirky workarounds


  • None?

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