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Creative D200 Review – The Creative D200 is a Bluetooth Wireless speaker, manufactured by Creative. It’s a toned down version of the Creative ZiiSound D5, if you want to put it that way. The D200 packaging does not include a Bluetooth dongle support for Apple’s iPod (but can be bought separately) and doesn’t have a built-in iPhone/iPad charging dock like the ZiiSound D5. Don’t let these fool you though, because the D200 is still a speaker that looks and sounds great!

Creative D200 Review – Audio quality

Since I’ve already reviewed the ZiiSound D5, I was a bit skeptical when I tried to listen to the Creative D200 for the first time. I was expecting a low quality sound (or at least much lower compared to the ZiiSound D5). I was wrong. The Creative D200 still sounds crystal clear and listening instrumental music from it feels really good. Thanks to the apt-X audio codec, the audio quality is superb, even though it’s coming via Bluetooth.

Creative D200 Review – Looks, design, and impression

The speaker itself looks very sleek and elegant, with a glossy finish surface. Even though the price is a cut down version of the ZiiSound D5, the D200 doesn’t look cheap and the build quality is on par. It suits perfectly well in your bedroom or in front of the TV in your living room:


At the back of the D200 is the power button, an AUX IN to plug a device using the 3.5 mm audio cable, and the power slot (so it’s probably not so wireless after all, but I’d rather have it with power than 6-10 AA batteries!)


The Bass port is also at the rear of the speaker, integrated together. This increases portability (also a space saver) since it doesn’t require a separate subwoofer.

On the top of the speakers are the volume control buttons (+ and –) and also the Bluetooth pairing button.


Unlike the ZiiSound D5 however, the D200 does not have a volume meter. It’s not really a big deal as this must be one of the things that cut the cost off the D200. The volume is reasonably loud and able to fill the whole room with some music goodness!

Connecting a Bluetooth device with the Creative D200 is very easy to do: simply press the Bluetooth pairing button and then let your media device start searching and pairing with the D200.

I tried using my iPad and it worked really well. So if you are looking for a great and affordable Bluetooth wireless speaker for your iPad, Creative D200 comes to the rescue!


iPad Bluetooth wireless speaker

Creative D200 Review Conclusion

Creative D200 ReviewThe Creative D200 is an affordable Bluetooth wireless speaker that looks great and sounds great. The build quality is on par with the ZiiSound D5 and doesn’t disappoint in the sound department. The D200 looks elegant in any room inside your house and highly portable too, should you want to put it in a different room or even bringing it to a friend’s party.

It supports all Bluetooth devices, including the recently released iPad. However, do not get disappointed if you don’t own any Bluetooth device because the D200 also supports a wired solution, using 3.5 mm audio jack located at the back of the speaker.

Overall, the Creative D200 is a Bluetooth wireless speaker that sounds great, portable, affordable, aesthetically good, and also simple to use and control. It doesn’t have any complicated features, making it a great gift to those who just want to listen to great music!

Note: Creative D200 review unit was provided for the review

Creative D200 Review Pros

+ Great audio quality
+ Looks really elegant in-house
+ Bluetooth supported, easy to connect
+ 3.5 mm audio jack to plug to non-Bluetooth devices
+ Accessible volume buttons

Creative D200 Review Cons

– Just a single piece and cannot be connected to another

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