Call your Facebook friends for FREE!

Vonage app call for freeYes, free, free, free! Calls will be made via WiFi or 3G connection on your phone. What you need to do is basically download an application called Vonage Mobile for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or on your Android OS! You can then call any of your Facebook friends who have the application through the internet connection.

Depends on how much internet quote you have from your ISP and your Telco monthly plan, this can really be a money saver! I was given about 130 GB per month from my ISP so this app will definitely be a money saver for me if I ever want to make a call to a friend at home! PS: this also works internationally!

Call Facebook friends for free – How it works

According to the video (see it at the bottom this post), your friends need to install the Vonage Mobile app on their mobile device. Vonage Mobile App Supported devices so far:

call facebook friends from iPad

So who says you cannot make a phone call from iPad? :P Makes me glad too that I’ve ordered an iPhone 4 and decided to give up on my HTC Touch Pro 2 powered by Windows Mobile. Well alright, it seems that the iPad is coming soon but it’s there!

Like the popular Whatsapp application, the Vonage Mobile app will detect automatically your Facebook friends who have the application installed. From the video, it’s also look like the app will even tell you whether your friend is on 3G or WiFi before you make a call. Nifty! If my friend is on 3G, I’m sure he’d prefer me to call him instead of using the Vonage app!

Vonage detect WiFi and 3G

Just watch this video and all your questions will be answered :)

If only my iPhone 4 has arrived to test this out….grr..

Vonage app on Facebook

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