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DSC_0208Breville Chill Control Review – This might be happening at home: Having to fill in your Brita jugs to filter the water from the tap and then place it inside your fridge (so you can get some refreshing cool water later on).

It then gets more tedious – you probably have another water jug in case you (or a member of your family) want to drink water at room temperature. No one really likes to drink a chilly water in the morning when they wake up (I’m one of the exceptions but even then, I’d prefer not to).

Breville Chill Control solves this problem by delivering filtered water to the temperature you like to the whole family, thanks to its large capacity. Let’s stop there, so not to spoil the fun, and have a look at the Chill Control in depth.

Breville Chill Control Review – Packaging


Breville Chill Control Review – Design

Owning a Breville Chill Control is like having a mini, portable water dispenser at home. It’s coated in white and looks really nice in the kitchen.

Breville Chill Control Review

The parts can be cleaned separately: the plug, the cooling water reservoir, the water tanks, etc.

There are 2 water tanks in the Chill Control: the 2 litre (Pre-Filter water tank) and 4 litre (Filtered water tank). Fill the Pre-Filter tank with tap water, place it on top of the Filtered tank, close the lid, and the water will flow through the replaceable BRITA filter into the Filtered tank.



The Chill Control stores the chilled water inside the Stainless Steel Cooling Reservoir (1 Litre capacity). According to the manual, it will take approximately 75 minutes to chill the water inside the reservoir. Assuming you don’t have a party going on, you’ll never run out of cold water (in my case, I live with my sister and my brother in law, so it’s more than enough for us).


There is an LED indicator indicating whether the cooling water is ready. If you don’t finish up the whole litre in one go, then you shouldn’t be worrying about this indicator, ever.


So, 7 Litre capacity in total = 2 from Pre-filter water tank + 4 from Filtered water tank + 1 from the Cooling Reservoir. That’s plenty of water for everyone in one go!

The included BRITA Memo has an electronic indicator to remind you when you need to change the filter cartridge.


Breville Chill Control Review – Features & Impressions

What makes the Breville Chill Control interesting is the Variable Temperature Slider. You can now pick how chilly you want your water to be! As mentioned on the first few paragraphs, we don’t normally like drinking the water from fridge in the morning, right? With the Breville Chill Control, simply slide the Variable Temperature Slider to “Ambient” and you’ll get the room temperature water. Slide it to “Chilled” for the chilly feeling!

Breville Chill Control

You can slide this anywhere and anytime before you place your glass under the dispenser. I normally switch it back and forth depends on the time of the day (in the morning or during the meals). Love it!

With 7 litre capacities, I’ll never run out of water (assuming I refill the tank frequently, obviously) and with a considerable quick cooling time, the Chill Control should never run out of chilled water.


The Chill Control is also pretty much portable as water storage. You can use it unplugged and placed next to your BBQ party outside, for example. This way, people don’t have to go back and forth to the kitchen to get some water.

Or if you are a heavy gamer and if walking to the kitchen while you are playing is a matter of life and death, then you can place the Chill Control on the computer table. Keep the fluid coming and keep on gaming (ok, bad advice – please don’t follow this).

Breville Chill Control Review – Conclusion


Breville Chill Control

Breville Chill Control is a great addition to any home. It filters the tap water (reducing chlorine, lead, and copper), stores 7 litre of it, and even chills it the way you want it to be.

Drinking water can never be this fun, fresh, and satisfying! And oh, it also gives you that extra space you’ll always need in your fridge because you can now throw your water jugs/bottles away!

Rating by Michael Aulia: 9/10

Note: Breville Chill Control Review unit was provided for the review

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