Stay healthy this Christmas with Breville


We’ll never be satisfied with what we eat – we always want more and we always want something new! Right? Maybe this Christmas, this bad habit has to change somewhat. With Breville’s latest products by the end of 2011, you may be able to.

Get the healthy green tea brewing, get the natural fruit juice flowing!

Breville Automatic Tea Maker

Breville Tea Maker ReviewGo to a T2 store (at least here in  Australia) and you’ll get a glimpse of a nice looking tea pot on the counter’s desk. That’s the Breville Automatic Tea Maker – a super easy to use tea maker which brings the best out of your tea. Whether it’s a green tea, black tea, or any other tea types, this handy Tea Maker has a preset setting so you don’t have to remember the best formula for different tea leaves.

I’m still brewing teas in the office constantly with this Breville Automatic Tea Maker. Definitely one of the best innovative products in, tea industry.

Check out Craving Tech’s Breville Automatic Tea Maker Review | Check Amazon deals

Breville Dual Burner Open Grill

Similar concept to the Tea Maker (i.e to bring the best flavor and aroma in the easiest way possible), the Breville Dual Burner Open Grill indicates when a selected temperature is reached so you can grill different food at the right temperature to bring the best flavor and texture!

It’s a compact BBQ grill and definitely useful for grilling yummy food indoors.

Breville Griller

Breville Dual Burner Open Grill | Check Amazon deals

Breville ikon Froojie

Breville Juicer, ikon Froojie review

If you’ve been buying all the fruit juices from the supermarket, maybe it’s time to stop and make your own juice? This Breville juicer accepts all the fruit you can think of and it will even take the pulps out automatically so you don’t have to waste time taking them out before you throw it into the juicer.

You can mix fruits and vegetables so you can get that carrot & celery combo in the quickest and easiest way possible. Breville also kindly gives some recipes to give you different juice combos though you can always try yourselves to make a new one (or find one on the net).

Check Craving Tech’s Breville Juicer, ikon Froojie, review | Check Amazon deals

You may also want to check out a documentary by an Australian trying to transform his life through juice and raw ingredients – Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on YouTube.

Let’s stay healthy this Christmas! :)

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