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Braun Pulsonic 7 Shaver review

braun series 7

Braun 790 Review (Pulsonic 7) – I switched from using manual to electric shavers years ago. I have changed my electric shavers for about 3 times now (my last electric shaver was the Philips Norelco Arcitec’s). Users of electric shavers should know by now that there are only 2 major players in the electric shavers market: Philips and Braun.

I was given a chance to try Braun’s latest electric shaver model, the Braun Pulsonic 7 series 9595 or also known as 790cc.  The moment after I finished my first shave with it, I know exactly for sure. This is THE BEST electric shaver that I’ve ever used in my entire life. That sensation feeling urged me to write a review about it straight away, but I knew that I should give it a go for a few more weeks for a more credible review. Not too mention that all electric shavers’ manufacturers usually recommend a few weeks of usage for your skin to get used to the razors and get the maximum results.

A few weeks have passed but my first impression still stands. Questions like: “Is this really the best electric shaver to date?” “Is going from rotary blades to linear blades a good decision?” “Which one is better – Philishave Norelco Arcitec or Braun Pulsonic?” can easily be answered.

The Pulsonic 7 model that I’m reviewing is the 790cc (9595), although all the other models in the series basically give the same performance (790cc has an LCD screen for the indicators and also a cleaning system unit).

Introduction to Braun’s Pulsonic Technology

braun pulsonic technology

Braun’s Pulsonic Technology includes a motor that powers a high frequency, pulsating shaver head. It’s specially designed to capture more hair with every stroke and to enjoy the closest most comfortable shave ever.

The dynamic movement of the individual shaving foils combined with the cutting blades moving in the opposite direction gives a high-speed precision, thorough, and comfortable shave.

Braun 790 Review (Pulsonic 7) – The Packaging

The whole box is quite huge as you can see it side by side with my 22″ LCD monitor:

Braun series 7 pulsonic packaging
Prepare some space on your storage room for this baby

Inside the packaging, you’ll find:

  • The shaver itself.
  • The Pulsonic’s cleaning system unit (called the Clean & Renew System).
  • One Clean & Renew Cartridges.
  • Shaver’s hard case.
  • Lubricating Oil for the Shaver.
  • Power Cable for the cleaning system unit.
  • Manuals and Warranty.

Braun 790 Review (Pulsonic 7) – The Looks

If you are trying to look for a red or a blue color to match your personality, then you’d be disappointed. The Braun 7 Series shavers are only available in one color but it doesn’t mean that it’s disappointing. The shaver is silverish and looks very futuristic. It’s also so sturdy and solid that you won’t probably break it into pieces even if you drop it on the floor (of course, I haven’t experimented on this yet!).

Braun shaver case
Easy to carry case for frequent travelers

On the 790cc Braun series, you can see the Hygienic and Battery level of the shaver on the LCD screen through the black and white bars (full bars of black means maximum).

Braun 790 vs 760

What is the difference between the Braun 790 and 760? On the other model, the 760cc, these indicators are available through LEDs. This is the only difference between the Braun 760cc and 790cc.

Braun 790cc or 9595 LCD Screen
Indicators through an LCD screen

Braun 790 Review (Pulsonic 7) – The Cleaning System

If you are really tight on budget and planning to buy the one without the cleaning system, you can wash the shaver under the tap.  Even if you have the cleaning system, I’d still suggest rinsing it under the tap water first before you put the shaver to the cleaning system. This way, all hairs trapped inside will be washed away first before you put it into the Braun’s cleaning unit. Although the cleaning unit itself will do it for you, I think this extra step should make the cleaning cartridge lasts longer.

Braun also advises to apply the lubricating machine oil lightly once a week if you only wash the shaver under the tap. You don’t need to do this if you clean the shaver using the cleaning unit.


The cleaning system, called the Clean and Renew™ system, automatically charges, cleans, lubricates, and also dries the shaver. It will also smartly clean your shaver based on the condition of the shaver. To clean your shaver on the cleaning system, you simply “insert” it into the cleaning system and press the “start cleaning” button. There is also a “Fast Clean” option (that’s only available on the 790cc) that will clean your shaver in less than a minute but I highly recommend not to use the fast clean option. Since I normally shave in the morning before I go to work, I don’t mind if it takes forever for the cleaning system to finish.

The cleaning liquid is protected inside the cartridge so if you need to refill it, you’ll have to replace the whole cartridge unfortunately.

Braun 790 Review (Pulsonic 7) – Shaving Experience

Like I mentioned on the introduction paragraph, I was very satisfied with my Braun’s shaver. I’ve been using rotary blades shavers for a few years that I was quite skeptical when I snatched my Braun’s shaver out of its box for the first time. Once I turned the shaver on and started shaving, that hesitation quickly vanished. It cut my facial hairs quickly and comfortably. I still have to go through a surface a few times to really get all the hairs but it’s not as many as I’ve done in the past.

The shaver has a locking mechanism on the shaver’s head so you can either enable the lock, or disable it. If you disable the lock, the Sensitive Flexing Head will follow the contour of your face/neck’s surface and shave the hard to reach areas. I find that I can actually get a better shave by enabling the lock, since it gives me a firmer head grip. So experiment and see what works best for you.

I’m very confident to say that this is the only electric shaver that gives you the closest shave by the time this post is written. However, if you have been used to using manual shavers/razors, you’ll find that no electric shaver can give you the same results as you can get with manual shavers/razors. The result is still amazing though and I’d rather have a few black facial hair spots than wasting my precious time applying the shaving gel and other chores with manual shavers.

There are many complaints on the loud noise made by this shaver but come on, it’s a shaver. You’ll probably use it for a few minutes each day (or once every few days). Who cares about the noise? Unless you are shaving every midnight next to your spouse, then you shouldn’t care about the noise made at all. To me, the noise level is acceptable and it actually demonstrates how fast the blades are rotating inside that tiny little razor head.

Braun Series Pulsonic 7 vs Norelco Arcitec

Which one is better? The Braun Series 7 or the Norelco Arcitec? This was the question that lingered around my head before. So let’s do the comparisons between both of them (since I have a personal experience with both).

  • Look & Feel: Draw. They both look cool in a different way.
  • Price: Draw. Both are quite pricey.
  • Weight: Arcitec. Braun’s feels heavier. But who cares about the weight?
  • Noise: Arcitec. Braun’s shaver sounds louder than the Arcitec’s. That includes the noise level during the cleaning.
  • Cleaning Unit: Braun’s. The Clean & Renew system also lubricates the shaver unlike the Philips’ Jet Cleaning System,
  • Irritation caused by shaving: Braun’s doesn’t give me skin irritations that I usually got from the Architec’s (no more neck’s itchiness or red skin marks!)
  • Shaving Closeness: Braun’s. Braun definitely shaves much closer than Arcitec’s and this should be the main reason when you are comparing electric shavers.

In summary, Braun’s Series 7 beats Norelco Arcitec easily. My Braun’s series 7 shaver gives me a closer shave, less skin irritations, and faster shave time. If you are confused between the 2 products, it’s easy. Go for Braun’s. Highly recommended.

Braun 790 Review (Pulsonic 7) Conclusion

Braun Series Pulsonic 7 shaver is simply the best electric shaver at the moment. It gives the closest shave compared to the other electric shavers in the market. Braun’s cleaning system, the Clean & Renew, automatically cleans, charges, lubricates, and dries the shaver. Simply put your shaver into the cleaning unit and press the button. The unit has different cleaning methods and it will automatically choose the best method depending on the hygienic level of the shaver. Shaving and cleaning can never be simpler!

The only drawback is probably the price. Not many people would want to spend hundreds of dollars for a shaver but I can assure you that your money will not be lost in vain, especially if you shave daily or once every few days. I’d rather spend more on something that I’ll be using often. And so should you.

Besides, there is also a money back guarantee on the product. So if you are not happy with the shaver, you can always refund it. However, if you have been using electric shavers, I’m pretty sure you’ll love your new Braun’s Series 7 shaver. It simply is the best electric shaver out there in the market ;)

Braun 790 Review (Pulsonic 7)  Pros

+ Gives the closest shave among other electric shavers.
+ Looks cool and futuristic.
+ The initial packaging contains all that you need.
+ Less to no irritation after shaving.
+ Smart and easy cleaning system.
+ Includes a handy hard case.
+ Money back guarantee included.

Braun 790 Review (Pulsonic 7) Cons

– Huge packaging, although you can simply throw the box away if you want.
– Only available in one color.
– Loud noise when shaving and cleaning.
– No refill alternative apart from buying the cartridges.


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