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BitDefender IS 2011 passed the test

BitDefender IS 2011

According to BitDefender, its BitDefender Internet Security 2011 managed to block 100% of all mailicious URLs in AV-Test Real World Test. It’s one of the proofs that BitDefender Internet Security is one of the most leading security package out there.

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BitDefender Internet Security 2011 Blocks 100 Percent of Malicious URLs

BitDefender detected all pieces of malware in recent Real World Test by independent security firm AV-Test.org

BUCHAREST, RomaniaFebruary 24, 2011 –  BitDefender Internet Security 2011 blocked 100 percent of the malicious URLS in AV-Test’s recent Real World Test, according to BitDefender®, an award-winning provider of innovative internet security solutions. The Real World Test — conducted monthly by AV-Test.org — measures product performance as seen by the user.

The Real World Test, which was performed during January 2011, used Windows 7 as the test platform. BitDefender Internet Security blocked 100-percent of the malicious URLs in the test, which mimics actual user behavior. The links are accessed using a browser where malware is allowed to execute — unless it is blocked by the AV product.

“These Real World Tests provide users with a valuable perspective on the protection BitDefender provides, as it is based on actual user behavior,” said Viorel Canja, Head of AntiMalware Labs at BitDefender. “This test is a reassurance to our users that BitDefender is an effective proactive security solution.”

Earlier this month, BitDefender Internet Security Suite 2011 received the AV-Test Certification for their 2010 fourth quarter tests. BitDefender earned high marks for protecting against malware infections, cleaning and repairing malware-infested computers, and usability.

AV-Test is one of the worldwide leading providers of test scenarios analyzing effectiveness, behavior and speed of IT-security solutions.

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