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Dragon Age 2 screenshots & demo impressions

Dragon Age II

Dragon Age 2 is an upcoming role playing game from Bioware which should be released in a couple of weeks. The much anticipated demo has been downloaded by over a million gamers throughout the world. I’ve truly enjoyed playing Dragon Age: Origins (the original) and can’t wait for Dragon Age 2, especially after playing the demo.

Playing the Dragon Age 2 demo, the game feels more action oriented at most times. To me, it’s a good thing because I didn’t really like the combat style of the first. Combat just didn’t seem fun (if I compare it with Mass Effect 2’s combat). In Dragon Age 2, action is more fast paced and somehow feels like playing an MMORPG game, in a good way. In a tougher battle during the demo (the fight with the big Ogre), I still need to pause the game to micro manage things a little bit. So it looks like in Dragon Age 2, you’ll still need to strategically manage some tougher battles. That’s a good thing.

Unfortunately many of the features are disabled in the Dragon Age 2 demo, such as the inventory system, custom appearances when you make your character, some skills/abilities, and a few more. Thankfully, what they offer in the demo is good enough to make us all drool (or make me drool, at least).

Story telling is one of Bioware’s strength and it still shines, based on the Dragon Age 2 demo.

DirectX 11 is actually disabled in Dragon Age 2 demo. So if you feel an FPS lag or stuttering when you play Dragon Age 2 demo, it’s not because of the high settings you picked. Turn the DirectX 11 off and you’ll experience the game in its full glory. Of course, DirectX 11 will be fully optimized in the full game, from what I’ve heard.

Here are some Dragon Age 2 screenshots from the demo that I took.







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