August 2008 Statistics

It’s the first day of a new month again! As usual, I always post my traffic/income statistics for last month on every beginning of the month.

August 2008 Statistics
Getting better towards the end of the month

My blog’s August 2008 statistics: 25,841 Visits, 42,796 Pageviews

  • Referring Sites – 12,658 visits
  • Search Engines – 8,464 visits
  • Direct Traffic – 4,595 visits
  • Other – 124 visits

Although it may look like the traffic is even worse than July 2008, it actually is not. The only decreasing traffic is traffic from Referring Sites (especially StumbleUpon). Other traffic has increased quite significantly, especially towards the end of the month.

I’ve made a few changes to the blog gradually, mainly for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes (you can refer back to some of my posts in August in regards to these changes). These changes paid at the end of the month and I’m confident, also for the months to come!

I’ve also added some easy bookmarking buttons at the end of every post, to make it easier for my readers to submit my post to some popular bookmarking sites:

Social Bookmarking Buttons
Hope it encourages some clickies

Total money made in August 2008: $88.85

  • Google AdSense – $63.85
  • Private Advertising – $15
  • ASE Adnet – about $10 (the last day hasn’t been finalized yet)

I had a contest last month and it was quite successful. By the end of the contest:

  • There are more RSS subscribers to my blog than before.
  • I’ve found some new friends (especially the participants). You guys rox!
  • My blog has gained more exposure, thanks to the participants’ effort.
  • I’ve established a relationship with the sponsors and hoping to be in contact again with them at some point in the future.

Some post highlights on August 2008:

I’m really looking forward for next month, especially noticing how I got more traffic from search engines and direct traffic to this blog. I don’t know whether Google Analytic is buggy, but I suddenly had 947 direct traffic yesterday (usually, it’s around 150-250 direct traffic a day)!

Thank you for all of your support so far. If you had any interesting life stories happening to you last month (not necessarily in blogging), would love to hear it :)

*UPDATE* As requested by Rjani on the comment section, here is a breakdown on the Referring Sites:

  • StumbleUpon – 6,439  visits
  • Entrecard – 1,987 visits
  • – 447 visits
  • – 421 visits
  • Digg – 305 visits
  • and so on……
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