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Apple adds Night mode to iOS devices

iOS night reading mode

A new feature called “Night Shift” is rolling out to iOS 9.3 Beta at the moment, which will automatically detect the time of the day and shifts the color of your device screen.

Normally, your iPhone, iPad (and even your TV) will emit a bright blue light which actually makes you harder to sleep. Yet, people are still going for their devices when they can’t sleep (which in turn, will make it even harder actually).

Thanks to the new feature in iOS 9.3, Night Shift, this might hopefully change the game. I don’t have the iOS 9.3 Beta so I haven’t actually tested it out but it’ll be interesting to see if we can tell the difference.

Apart from this Night mode, iOS 9.3 also includes updates for Apple News app, Notes (allowing you to lock your notes and unlock them with TouchID), an advanced multi-user support for Education, and more. It doesn’t seem that the multi-user support is made for casual users like you and I, however. We hope that there will be an update in the future for families who share the same iPad with different family members.

Apple has made a dedicated page for the iOS 9.3 Preview, so feel free to check it out. As for the iOS 9.3 update itself, it’s only available to developers at the moment so we’ll all have to wait for a bit longer before it goes final.

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