Adonit Writer Plus transforms your iPad into a MacBook Air!

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Adonit Writer Plus review for the new iPad – A Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad? That’s nothing new. A Bluetooth keyboard case that transforms your iPad into a “MacBook Air”? Now, that’s new! I might exaggerate a bit here, but all of the iPad Bluetooth keyboard cases I’ve seen so far could never deliver the same typing experience, no matter how good the keyboard keys are. They are simply different.

With the Adonit Writer Plus however, the typing experience is 99% the same as if you are typing on the MacBook Air.

Why the 99%? Well the keyboard definitely has to be made more compact to match the iPad’s dimensions, so some standard keys have to be squeezed or removed. Before I come into that, let’s have a look at the Adonit Writer Plus design first.


The Writer Plus comes with a few color variations (such as Black, Turquoise, or Red). The sample I’ve got is the Red but if you are after a pure MacBook-ish look, you should go with the Black.


I think the Writer Plus looks even better on a Black iPad than the White but I guess this is more like a personal preference. Nevertheless, the Red Writer Plus on my White iPad 3 still looks good and classy!

There are much to love about the Writer Plus design decisions:

Slim Design

Though you can’t run away from a fact that adding a keyboard on a case adds a degree of bulkiness, the Writer Plus is still slim. The fact that you can also detach the keyboard means you can get an even slimmer feel if you think you are not going to use the keyboard for the day.


The only problem with this is just that the center piece cannot be detached, which makes it feel weird to hold the iPad with the Writer Plus like a portfolio case.


Sexy keys with great look and feel

The Writer Plus keyboard is definitely a killer, as advertised. The hard keys feel exactly the same as a MacBook’s keyboard and you will enjoy typing over and over. I love the tactile feedback and also the ergonomic positioning of the keys.

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They have also included iPad specific functions on the keys such as going to the Home screen (which is a good addition), volume management, and a few others on the top. There is no on/off key unfortunately.

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Due to the iPad’s size, some keys have to be squeezed such as the Delete and Enter/Return key and excluded such as the Home and End keys (to quickly go to the beginning or end of a text line). However, it took only about a minute for me to get used to the small Delete key with a few accidental presses. After that, my typing speed flies.

I tested this last Sunday for writing the sermon summary (about 800 words) and it was awesome! In fact, I typed too excitedly that the noise attracted a couple of friends in front of me during the sermon (oops). They were amazed by the sleek look of the case and especially the keyboard. Started to ask questions about it afterwards :)

Magnetic Surface and Seal

Using the magnetic plate, you can snap the bottom of the keyboard to a position that you like, as long as the keyboard is still on top of the surface. It’s sturdy so even when you poke the iPad screen, the iPad does not feel wobbly.


When you close the case, the magnetic seal also snaps the cover into your iPad body, putting it to sleep and securing the case. Open the case and the iPad automatically wakes up.

Detachable keyboard

You can even detach the keyboard and type anywhere you like: on your lap while your iPad sits on the table or perhaps as a media control while you are lying on your bed, watching movies on your iPad.


It’s also pretty easy to attach and detach the keyboard from the case.


The case has a built-in rechargeble battery that can be recharged through USB. According to the technical specification, it can hold a charge for 2 weeks with normal usage. The charging port is located on the same side of the iPad recharging port, so it is easy to locate.


It’s unclear how long will it take to fully charge the keyboard.

Quick eject

Since the iPad is meant to be used without a case (I’m sure that’s what Steve Jobs wanted), the Adonit Writer Plus makes it so that you can take the iPad out of the case quickly with just a snap.


At first I was a bit worried that snapping my iPad in and out of the case too often might scratch the iPad’s body somewhat. Taking a closer look and testing it out for a whole week, I found that my assumption was wrong and there was no scratch or marks left on my iPad at all.

I was also scared that the keyboard would damage my iPad screen when closing the case. I then realised that there were a few hard rubber parts to make sure that the keys will not hit the iPad screen directly.

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Adonit Writer Plus review for the new iPad (iPad 3) Conclusion


Adonit Writer Plus simply is the best Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad! I know I’ve said this before but it’s just that the look, the feel, and the experience of the keyboard is second to none. My typing productivity on the iPad is doubled if not quadrupled thanks to the keyboard. The case is also elegant and fits the aesthetic of the iPad. I love how the case keeps the iPad’s body exposed its beauty (uncovered) as it is.

The Writer Plus is like a case that transforms your iPad into a MacBook Air (or a “MacBook Air with iOS”, as Jubbin from puts it on our Facebook ‘s wall post comment).

If you don’t use your iPad much for typing, then the Writer Plus might not be the perfect case for you since you’ll find that you need to snap your iPad in and out of the case pretty often. However, if you do, you will love Adonit Writer Plus. You can type confidently and comfortably when you need it while at the same time use the iPad by snapping it out from the case.

Note: Adonit Writer Plus review sample was provided for the review

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