A quiet, portable water flosser – Waterpik Cordless Select Review

Waterpik Cordless Select (WF-10A010) Review – I’ve never liked string flossing and probably never will. However, having a quite severe gum disease prompted me to use the alternative: water flossing. While I really like my Waterpik Whitening water flossing machine and use it every night, it’s no where portable.

I do have the Waterpik Cordless Plus that I carried when I travelled (back in the days before all these crazy times). But I was longing for something quieter because it’s quite hard to floss while you are staying with someone in a small, hotel room.

Thanks to the new design and technology, the Waterpik Cordless Select hits that sweet spot.

Waterpik Cordless Select Packaging Contents

The packaging comes with 4 Water Flossing tips.

Waterpik Cordless Select Review – Design & Features


Waterpik Cordless Select looks fairly similar to the Cordless Plus, but it looks much more elegant compared to the previous, blue-plastic-y water tank.

It has two pressure settings and can be switched by pressing the power button. Tap once to turn the machine on with the low pressure setting and tap again to switch to the high pressure setting. The third tap will turn the machine off. I’m normally on intensity setting 6-7 on my Waterpik Whitening machine and I find that the high pressure setting on the Cordless Select feels similar and it’s good.

I can see all the tiny and small food residue coming off when I water floss with the Cordless Select, even after brushing my teeth – which is a proof that you still need to floss (either with string or water) after brushing.

I like the rubbery-textured grip at the back of the flosser which makes it easy to grip as I move from one mouth quadrant to the other.

The water tank is also large enough that it usually only takes me one extra water refill to finish my waterflossing session.

How quiet is it? It’s definitely far quieter than my previous Cordless Plus, and even the Whitening machine (though it has more power in delivering the water jet stream). It’s not exactly dead quiet, so you’ll still hear a noise but it’s much more tolerable this time.

Waterpik Cordless Select Review Conclusion

Waterpik Cordless Select offers a great balance between portability and performance. It has enough water tank capacity that doesn’t require you to keep refilling it with water when you floss but at the same time, small enough to be carried in a travel pouch or inside your luggage.

There are two pressure settings for first timers and frequent users, and I find that the high pressure setting is more than adequate to water floss effectively.

If you are looking for a portable water flosser with quieter operation but still offers good performance, definitely have a look at the Waterpik Cordless Select. It retails for A$179.95 and available at retailers around Australia like Chemist Warehouse and Shaver Shop. Also available at Amazon.com.

Disclosure: Waterpick Cordless Select review sample was supplied for reviewing

Waterpik Cordless Select Review


A portable water flosser with a good balance between portability and performance


  • Good design
  • Has a good grip material
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • Global Voltage


  • No travel pouch or case is included
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