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3 Alien Anthology packs to give away

Alien Anthology pack

Another give away to you from Craving Tech. This time, I have 3 packs of Alien Anthology (Blu Ray) to be distributed to 3 winners! The Alien Anthology contains all Alien movies from 1979-1997 (Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and the Alien: Resurrection). The pack includes 6 discs full of materials, over 60 hours of special features and over 12,000 images. Oh, forgot to mention that you’ll get that “Egg” thingy too – don’t worry, no alien’s included inside (although I don’t belive in aliens) :)

The Alien Anthology pack includes a MU-TH-UR Mode, a fully interactive companion that takes the extensive material in AA and puts them in the user’s hand. Consists of:

  • Auditory – provides more information on all the audio options available during that particular moment of the film.
  • Visual – allows the viewer, while watching the film, to bookmark scene-specific behind the scenes materials located on other discs in the Alien Anthology.
  • Data Stream – these rare and never before revealed production notes, anecdotes, and factoids run through the course of all eight versions of the movie and are scene specific.

Not to mention an unbound feature:

The Alien Anthology features the revolutionary new “unbound” experience that allows you quick and easy access in between discs with minimal wait time. When you eject any disc of the Anthology, an Alien menu screen will remain active that allows you to insert any other disc of the set and continue your experience right away. If you’d like to insert a non-Alien disc, simply press stop or the Home button on your PS3 to discontinue your Alien Anthology experience.

Sounds cool, eh? Even without all that, being able to watch the Alien series all over again in Blu-ray high definition is already a reward of its own.

How to win an Alien Anthology Blu Ray pack

  1. You must live in Australia.
  2. Be a fan of Craving Tech on Facebook (click the link, press the “Like” button) if you haven’t.
  3. Share this wonderful giveaway to your Facebook friends
  4. Post a comment with your email address on the form below (so I can contact you if you win)

Three winners will be decided on the 9th of November 2010. All the best, everyone! Even if you don’t own a Blu Ray player, it’s worth winning the pack in case you have one in the future ;) The Alien Anthology will debut for the first time in Australia on November 10.

Still not interested? How about watching the Alien Anthology pack trailer to encourage you to participate:

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