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System Mechanic 10I’ve been using System Mechanic 9.5 in my machines and I totally love it. Somehow every time one of the machine has become sluggish, it went back to its “former glory” after I ran some scans with System Mechanic. Registry problems and unnecessary programs running on Windows start-up are often the cause of a machine slowdown and System Mechanic detects and repairs them quite well. Of course, System Mechanic offers more.

Let’s find out what’s new on System Mechanic 10.

The main dashboard tells you in summary whether you need to take actions to improve your system’s performance. When I opened System Mechanic 10 for the first time, I got this on the main screen:

Being a technology blogger, I’d assume that I’ve taken care of my computer pretty well. Apparently, no matter how knowledgeable you are, there are some things out of your control.

In System Mechanic 10, you can choose to repair them automatically or even view the problems individually:

sm problems

Apparently, even after I’ve repaired all these problems, Windows managed to accumulate more problems in 3 weeks time:

system mechanic 10 - 3 weeks after

What I like most about System Mechanic 10 is how you can see the exact problems if you really want to (exact files, exact registry entries, etc). No hiding behind the scenes or a scheme to scam you in thinking that the software has done a great job. It really does a great job and the proof is right in front of you! You can also hide a problem if you think that you will not be bothered fixing it up (such as backing up your registry):

System Mechanic 10 hide problem

I’ve already told you my experience after I installed and used System Mechanic for the first time (how my 5 years-old system was more responsive and smoother) so I’ll write more on the new features that System Mechanic 10 offers.

System Mechanic 10 – CRUDD Remover

CRUDD stands for Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers. This tool basically tries to detect and remove redundant and conflicting programs on your PC. I wasn’t sure at first what sort of redundant programs will this tool find in my computer, so I tried it out:

System Mechanic 10 Redundant programs

It basically detects and categorizes installed programs (which have duplicates in functionalities) on my system, which is cool. This way, I can decide whether to keep one browser and uninstall the rest, for example. Or some people don’t know that they have 2 antivirus program installed in their machine, creating conflicts and slowing the system down. CRUDD finds this for you and let you decide.

System Mechanic 10 – Program Accelerator

From the official page about this feature:

Program Accelerator, the world’s first Program Realignment Tool™, uses a newly discovered patent-pending calibration technology to supercharge program performance by intelligently realigning programs with their dependent files for maximum speed. The result is significantly – and very noticeably – faster program launching and far more responsive overall performance.

System Mechanic 10 program accelerator

The problem is that my programs are installed on Drive C but System Mechanic 10 only displayed the D Drive (which only contains my data such as documents, etc). I’ve sent an email to my contact at iolo to find out more about this. I’ll update the post as soon as I get a reply.

System Mechanic 10 – Other Tools

There are simply too many other tools to be discussed in this review. There is NetTuner to optimize your internet connection speed, Incinerator to securely wipe files completely from your system, DriveAccelerator to defragment your hard drives, Security Optimizer and System Guard to secure your system, Privacy Cleaner to protect your privacy, and many more.

These tools are grouped and can be run under a few categories, instead of executing them one by one:

System Mechanic 10 - PC Total Care

Automated tasks can also be set-up to make System Mechanic 10 run in the background to keep your PC cleaned and optimized, called the ActiveCare. ActiveCare only runs when you are not using the computer so your work will not be interrupted at all.

System Mechanic 10 Review Conclusion

System Mechanic 10

System Mechanic 10 has again proved to be a powerful all in one tool to detect problems and improve performance on your system. It’s suitable for both novice and experienced users because you can basically do a 1-click to scan and repair your PC problems automatically OR you can control every single action that System Mechanic 10 is about to do.

System Mechanic 10 is packed with tools that are specific to solve specific problems on a Windows machine – such as Startup Optimizer to fix slow boot times, CRUDD Remover to fix conflicting programs such as multiple antivirus installed in a machine, or Registry Tuner to fix and optimize registry entries. Version 10 is quite a significant improvement from 9.5 and you can read System Mechanic 10 new features on the official site.

Frustrated with how slow your system has become? Hold that Windows CD and a thought of reformatting. Let System Mechanic 10 do its job. You might be surprised at how fresh your system has become!

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Note: License was provided for the review

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