11 days of winning a free domain name and hosting accounts contest

Free domain name and hosting account contest

The folks at eXpressIN.net have chosen Craving Tech (and other 10 techie blogs) as part of their 1 year of success celebration.Why should you care? Because as Craving Tech readers, you can win prizes such as a free .in domain name and free web hosting accounts!

Please read more info below for details of the contest.

Contest details:

  • This contest is made purposely for bloggers, especially to those who are still blogging on free blog accounts (Blogger, WordPress.com, etc) but you can still join the fun even if your blog is already on a self-hosted account.
  • The contest will last until 27th April 2010.


  • 1st Prize: 1 FREE WordPress hosting account and 1 FREE .IN domain name for the first year.
    (NOTE: if you already have your own domain or on a self-hosted domain for your blog, the domain name prize will be given to the other winners if you win)
  • 2nd Prize: 1 FREE WordPress hosting account for the first year.
  • 3rd Prize: $30 discount on WordPress hosting accounts. Pay only $25 for the first year.


  • You MUST have at least a 3-month-old-running blog.
  • Your blog must not contain any of these: Adult Content, Hate Speech, Crude Content, Violence, Copyright Infringement, Illegal activities, Spam and Malware.

How to participate:

  1. Either subscribe to this blog with your email OR be a fan of Craving Tech on Facebook.
  2. Stumble any post on the Jokes & Funny section that you like. If you don’t have a StumbleUpon account, let me know and we can work it out with something else.
    (Recommendation: Pregnant Italian Joke or Waking up in the morning joke)
  3. Post a comment on this post with your name, blog’s URL, email address and what you did on no.1 and 2.
  4. That is all. I’ve made it easy (I hope) so that more people can join in.

We need to have at least 10 participants in this contest unfortunately, so tell your blogging friends about this even if it means that your chance of winning will go down. This contest is after all, a help from bloggers to bloggers!

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