YouTube’s new look

YouTube new look

YouTube has just made another update this December 2011 with a new look, in case you haven’t noticed it yet. The update happens mostly on your home page (main page when you go to and I quite like it.

It’s more seamless to switch between the channels that you’ve subscribed to and to be honest, this is the first time I ever bother to press between the channels I’ve subscribed to find out what’s new. Normally I go to YouTube when I saw video links posted on my friends’ Facebook wall or in forums but rarely go into the channels I’ve subscribed to.

Clicking on a channel instantly displays all the latest videos from the channel you’ve subscribed. Or you can click on the Subscriptions to view them in one go.

YouTube Channel Preview

Apart from it, doesn’t seem to have any other noticeable changes – though the buttons and interface when you watch a video seem to be more polished? I don’t spend too much time on YouTube to be able to spot the difference – care to shed a light here? :)

YouTube interface

YouTube’s new look in December 2011 update page:

YouTube new update


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