Yakedi (Free Unlimited SMS to Australians) Review

Another Free SMS Service? Bring it on! Too bad that this service is only for Australian at the moment (i.e You need to have an Australian mobile number and you can only send to Australian numbers as well).

Yakedi.com was launched on 22nd November 2007, so it is quite new in the market.

I’ve just registered today and started sending a few SMSes to find out how this new service performs (thanks to nickoteen5 for letting us know about Yakedi!)

Yakedi offers you UNLIMITED SMS. Yes, unlimited (at least at the moment). Most free SMS services will give you a limited amount of SMS per day/week/month and your pool will be refreshed every now and then. With Yakedi, you are not tied to any limit of SMS that you can send.

Updated on 14th July 2008: Yakedi now offers only 10 SMS per day. It’s still a lot and I’m sure this was because there must be people who are abusing the unlimited system (obviously).

Quoted from the site:

Whilst sitting at a local cafe, we discussed the notion of how absurd the cost of telecommunications is, and specifically, SMS; considering how cheaply it could be provided. It was then decided, that nobody on the planet should have pay for sms again. Hence, yakedi was born

To send an SMS, you need to register first at Yakedi.com with a valid email address and also your mobile number (Yakedi will send an SMS to your number for the validation code). After the validation process is completed, you can start sending SMS straight away. Afraid of SPAM? Don’t. They promise on their site that you will never get an email SPAM or SMS SPAM, ever.

Sending the SMS is a step-by-step process, which is easy:

Step 1: Enter your recipient number
(or select from address book)

Step 2: Enter the message (up to 160 chars) 

Step 3: Confirm before it’s being sent

Step 4: Done

They also have an address book feature so you can save your friends’ contact number on the site. All SMS messages have no advertisement on them and the sender’s number will come from your mobile (so your friends won’t know that you are using a FREE SMS service ^^)

How can they provide a free SMS service with no catch? Easy, the advertisement banners. When people clicking on their ads, they will get some $$. This $$ will then be used to keep their service running (paying for the cost of hosting, SMS service, etc), just like this blog.

I’m very happy with their service so far (instant SMS delivery) but we still have to see how are they going to perform once they’ve got thousands of members sending SMSes daily.

It looks like they are planning to provide SMS services outside of Australia (they have country selections being built-in), but I’ve seen no news about this yet on the site.

If you have been using Yakedi FREE SMS service, please share your comments and thoughts here with us!

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