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20 Tips to overcome summer when you don’t have an air conditioning

It’s summer again here in Australia. In fact, today’s temperature is going to be 41 degrees of celsius (or 105.8 Farenhenit)!!

Now, I don’t have an air conditioning in my apartment and my bedroom air flow is so bad, that it usually feels so hot inside, even though the outside weather has changed. If you are in the same situation as mine, maybe these tips will help :)

20 Tips to overcome summer when you don’t have an air conditioning at home

  1. Buy a fan (if you don’t have it) and turn it on. Even though it only circulates the air, it will give you a sense of comfort and makes you think that the temperature is a few degrees cooler.
  2. Wear less clothes. Remember, less is better.
  3. Close your windows especially the ones that are facing east and west, to prevent letting the hot air to come in.
  4. Close your doors (same purpose)
  5. Close your windows’ curtains and blinds to prevent the sunlight heating up your room.
  6. “Store” as many cool air as possible on the night before the day is going to be hot (open up your windows, balcony doors) and then do number 3-5 early on the next morning.
  7. Shut your windows with white papers or better, an aluminium foil to reflect the sunlight. Having blinds are not enough as you can still see some lights going through them.
  8. NEVER turn on your computer when you are not using it. If you usually leave your computer on when you are downloading stuffs, don’t do it when the day is going to be hot.
  9. Don’t use your computer if not necessary, it generates heat at the back of your computer.
  10. If you really have to use your computer, try doing CPU Throttling, this will reduce the heat being produced by your processor. You can do this easily in Windows Vista.
  11. Don’t play 3D games that will put strain on your video card, as it will also generate more heat to the room.
  12. Put a big blog of ice inside your room (pour some water into a big bucket or bowl and store it into your freezer). Won’t affect much, but better than nothing! You can even use your fan to blow the blog of ice for a quicker breeze of coolness.
  13. Take a cold shower before you go to sleep, it helps. Then, pray that you can sleep before the cooling sensation gets away.
  14. If you are living in an apartment, open your door to the corridor (it usually much cooler in the corridor) to bring the cooler air in and then turn on your bathroom exhaust fan to suck the hot air out (air flow, air flow!).
  15. Turn off as many lights as possible, as they will generate heat that you don’t usually realise.
  16. Don’t cook or turn on your stove for any reason!! If you really have to eat at home, try using the microwave instead. Or better, eat outside.
  17. NEVER EVER grill something or make a cake during the summer using your oven. The heat it generates is phenomenal!
  18. Do less activities at home. You wouldn’t want to exercise at home and contribute your body heat to the room.
  19. If you are working, this is a good excuse to work overtime, as the weather should be cooler when you’re out of the office.
  20. If you really need an air conditioner, go to a friend’s house that has one, and start complaining how hot it is til he/she turns it on.

What are your tips? :)

Tips No. 7


Tip No. 12

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