Audio Ads – a new era of advertisement?

If you browse the web quite often, then advertisement banners (static or flashy ones) may not suprise you anymore.

However, "A Breakthrough Technology Has Spawned an Internet Marketing Revolution…"

Have you ever heard of audio advertisement on a website before?

Pay Per Play is still in beta stage and will launch officially on the 1st of February 2008. Basically, you install a javascript code on your site, and whenever a visitor comes into your site, they will hear a 5 second audio advertisement and you, as the website owner, will get paid instantly.


  • Ads are instantly played automatically on the page where you install the Javascript code
  • You as the website owner, get paid instantly for any visits to the site, no clicking (no CPC) or action necessary (no CPA)

If you own a site or a blog, then this information may interest you (as getting paid for traffic sounds good and hopefully not annoying your readers).

Check the site out. Whether you decide to put this on your site/blog or not later on, it’s up to you.

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