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WP6 dashboard

Flat User Interface. It’s the era where we are in now. It looks modern, it focuses on content, and minimalist. Whether you like it or not, almost every interface (on apps or website) is going to that direction. Which leaves the all popular WordPress dashboard for bloggers being kept in the Dark Age.

Oh don’t you worry. The update is supposed to happen in WordPress 3.8, but if you don’t want to wait for it, you can get it NOW.

WordPress future updates will be more frequent and features can be grabbed first before hand as a plugin (“features as plugins”), which will then be incorporated when the final release goes live. The MP6 plugin, is the plugin that will transform your WordPress Dashboard with a flat and modern user interface, giving it a fresh, brand new, look.

So what’s new? What does this modern interface change bring?

  • Fresh, new, look obviously
  • Vector based icons with CSS effects, rather than using images (which should make it lighter/faster to load), both on the menus and editing toolbar

editing toolbar


publish buttons

  • New widget page interface (see below)

new widgets

  • Easier to read with better typography
  • A few other things here and there

If you get bored seeing your outdated WordPress Dashboard UI on the Administration site, feel free to install the MP6 plugin and/or give feedback.

Still not happy? There is a bunch of Admin color schemes that you can access from “Users-Your Profile-Admin Color Scheme” so you can change your Dashboard’s look when you are bored with it.

Admin color scheme

For example, this is how the “Midnight Color Scheme” looks like:

Midnight color scheme
Like it?


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