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WordPress HTTP Error when uploading image


WordPress HTTP Error

Did you get that HTTP error when uploading images frequently on your WordPress blog? Try using the classic uploader first to see if it fixes the problem. If not, then you might be having the same issue like I did. When I switched to the classic WordPress image uploader, I got an operation time out error so it’s clearly a different issue.

The problem is not because of a server configuration, or WordPress 3.2.2, or HostGator’s fault (where this blog is hosted at), but it is because of the Smush It service from Yahoo!

I’ve been using the WP Smush.It plug-in that auto connects to Yahoo server and auto compresses the uploaded image files to this WordPress blog. Now, I know I’ve been promoting the Smush It service to keep your blog post images smaller and increase the performance of your blog. Unfortunately, it seems that the service is overcrowded or for whatever reason, giving the WordPress HTTP error when uploading images now.

Deactivating the WP Smush.It plug-in helps and the problem goes away completely. Note that you shouldn’t blame it on the plug-in developer, but more to the Yahoo service (or API).

Discussion about the HTTP error caused by the Smush.It service can be read over at WordPress.org forum.

I’m glad I’ve finally found the solution to this problem, thanks for the help of a HostGator live chat support person earlier today. No more frustrations that I got every day for the past week!


  1. I don’t use the smush it wordpress plugin, but I do go to smush it and manually upload images to reduce the size fairly often. I thought maybe it was just me because it has been slow at times for a number of weeks now. I don’t know if Yahoo is trying to reduce the power or cut back or something, but I use their weather feeds, and they have been messing up a lot the past 3-4 weeks now.

  2. I received that error a little while ago, and did the same as you and found the problem was related to the smush.it plugin. I have since disabled the plugin, but would like to have it enabled again, but I would need to know that the service won’t encounter the same problem.

    • For now I’m afraid we still have to disable the plug-in. Until someone else says otherwise. Too bad there is no other service like this unless if you install something on a non-shared server

  3. Thanks for the post! My blog is also hosted with HostGator and I just contacted them about this a few days ago. They didn’t say anything about Smush.it but said it was a problem with mod_security.

    The problem appeared to be fixed following the live chat, but unfortunately immediately returned an hour later, indicating this was not a mod_security issue.

    Deactivating Smush.it helped solve the problem. I’ll go check out the CW Image Optimizer plugin that the forum thread mentions.

  4. I have been getting this on and off for about three weeks. I haven’t installed Smush it, but I’ll try the classic uploader and see if that works…

  5. I have not got such error ever, but I dont use smush it. rather, now i am interested in trying it, compressing images online is a good solution to speed up site.

  6. I have the same issue. My site is also hosted on HostGator but I’m not using WP Smush.it. I got the same error message 2-3 times since last few weeks. Also I got page not found error when I try to publish my post, that happens quite often.

    • Hi, I too have this exact issue, I’m not using the plugin mentioned here at all.

      My host say it is not a mod_security issue either. So I am completely stumped.

      I have not had any problems up until the last week. Now, it just keeps happening.

      If anyone has any other solutions feel free to share, I would love to know.

    • Hi Prasi and Shan,

      I too get the “http error” even though I’m not using WP Shush.it. I’ve tried to deactivate all plugins, but I still get the error. What could be the problem?

  7. Yes I also had this problem and it was solved after I deactivate the plugin. Actually I always optimize images before uploading, so it shouldn’t affect file size too much. :)
    Btw, I see a pop up ad on your site, have you just tried it?

    • Hehe glad to hear that. Eh, pop-up? No, I didn’t add any pop-up ad as I’m sure people would hate it – which pop-up were you seeing? Is it still happening?

  8. I have experienced this error too. At first, I think there are something wrong with my wordpress version. However, when I upgraded the problem still occur. Then, I suspected to my wordpress theme that can accommodate and does not suitable with my current wordpress version. but recently I noticed that this problem was caused by wp smush it plugin. So, I disable it, and the problem was resolved.

  9. never had this issue before, but must be in relation to the first comment likewise, still, its a good article to have on hand just incase, and others will appreciate it too if its needed,haha

  10. Thank you so much for this. I have looked at tons of articles that went no where or was outdated back to WordPress 2.5. I kept running into this problem and finally I can upload photos and get back to life. I was getting so frustrated and I appreciate this tremendously.

  11. finally someone has the right answer of my problem i also had the same problem and after deactivating Smush.it it was resolved. but the CPU usage was doubled after deactivating Shush.it (from 1 to 2) so waiting for the update of this Plugin …

  12. Loved this post. I knew it had to be something! Before I axed ol’ smush.it (which I also like to promote)… I did the update. So far… I was able to load the picture up and I’m golden. This appears to be a new blog post on my site about this! Thanks again!

  13. Hi, I have the same problem but I can’t resolved it.
    I installed smush.it, it didn’t work and also the upload of photos didn’t work anymore. After reading this and other posts, I deactivated and deleted the plugin, but I still have problem on uploading photos: the uploading process is working but I can’t see the photo.
    Before installing smush.it everything was working right.
    Can someone help me?
    Thank you

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