Behold! WordPress 2.7 Coltrane!


To those who are using WordPress as their blogging platform, WordPress 2.7 has finally reached final and available as you are reading this post!

I’ve been using WordPress 2.7 since Beta 1 until today and one thing that I can tell you: Upgrade now if you are still using WordPress 2.6 or older! You will never ever ever regret it, trust me! Since I’ve been using it from Beta 1, the release is not as exciting for me as some of you may feel. However, I’m still excited about it, I dunno why!

Let’s check out what’s new and what are my favorites WordPress 2.7 new features!

WordPress 2.7 Features


Unfortunately, there are just too many to mention here! New changes to the user interfaces & layouts (for the better, of course), new set of icons, totally customizable dashboard and post area, a sticky post feature, built-in threaded comments support, auto updating your WordPress version, replying comments through the admin interface, more AJAX on the administration to provide a smoother management experience, and many many more! Feel free to watch the introduction video to WordPress 2.7 on the official WordPress 2.7, codenamed “Coltrane” blog.

Stop reading this post now and download WordPress 2.7 now! (and ahem, of course don’t forget to come back to this blog and read my other posts though :) Or subscribe to my feed to get the latest updates from this blog).

Still on Google Blogger?? Come on. Move, already! Come across to the other side heh heh :)

Some Screenies of WordPress 2.7:

WordPress 2.7 Coltrane - Post Interface
New customizable and better Post management interface
Threaded Comments
WordPress 2.7 Coltrane - Reply Comments from Admin
Replying comments straight from the Admin interface
WordPress 2.7 Coltrane - Auto Upgrade
Upgrade WordPress version with a single click
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