WhatsApp releases a new desktop app for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp Desktop app

If you are a user of WhatsApp instant messaging service, you may or may not already use the WhatsApp Web (that allows you to use your web browser on a desktop PC or Mac to chat with your WhatsApp friends).

Not a fan of doing that on a browser? Today, WhatsApp has just released a new dedicated WhatsApp desktop app for Windows 8+ and MacOS 10.9+.

Like WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop application will auto-sync with your smartphone so they work in tandem.

Why would you want to use a dedicated desktop application that requires an extra installation and space on your PC then? Well, for a start, you can get a proper desktop notification in case you are not looking at your web browser all the time. It will also support better keyboard shortcuts, though I’ve never used any so far.

To give it a try, download WhatsApp Desktop application and let us know what you think.

Source: Whatsapp news

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