Blizzard is celebrating the Overwatch launch in Sydney on May 28


Overwatch, a competitive 6-person shooting game from Blizzard, has just wrapped up its successful open beta over the last weekend.

Overwatch launch is now just around the corner (24 May 2016) and Blizzard is already hosting an official launch event in Sydney with all the bells and whistles.

The Overwatch launch event will be held at their brand new ESL studios in Sydney and it’s totally free to attend (though you have to reserve your tickets).

From the Overwatch blog post:

Tickets are FREE and will be available via Eventbrite from 2pm AEST Friday, May 13. There will be a maximum of two tickets per person and space will be strictly limited due to venue capacity, so be sure to get in early! Free bus transport will also be available from Sydney’s Central Station

There will be cosplayers, an Overwatch developer Q&A and autograph signings, a live shoutcasted Overwatch competitive matches, and also food and drinks.

Overwatch Launch Celebration

You can also come and visit 140 Foveaux St, Surry Hills to see the Overwatch heroes being hand painted on the hero wall. All the Overwatch characters upon launch will be painted and worked on daily until the 6th of June. You can also follow the progress from their Facebook page if you don’t live anywhere near.

Overwatch Hero Wall
Overwatch hero Wall

Here is an awesome cosplay of Overwatch Tracer (from Kotaku):

Overwatch Tracer Cosplay

Tracer Cosplay

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