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eBay UK (soon will be followed by eBay worldwide) have just recently launched a new eBay feature called Collections. Collections help eBay shoppers to find new interesting products by browsing a list of eBay items being recommended by an eBay user (this can be a brand, celebrity, or someone who has the same interests as you).

There are tons of items being sold on eBay and it's easy to miss the good ones, like finding a needle in a haystack. For example, if we know a specific phone model that we would like to buy, then searching it on eBay is pretty straight forward. However, generic things like a USB flash drive or a mug may keep us scratching our heads trying to find the perfect one we like.

With Collections, you can browse all recommended items of a specific category in one place. This is not the same as eBay's product category. A "category" of Collections can be just about anything, made by the Collections owner. For example, I have created a collection called "Powered by Mother Nature", which contains a list of cool items I found on eBay that are powered by solar energy.

Powered by Mother Nature Collections

eBay users can also follow someone else's Collections. For example, if you follow my "Recommended Smartphones" collection, every time I add a new recommended smartphone into the collection, it will appear on your eBay feed. This way, you will not miss any new items of specific interests that have been added by someone you follow.

As a brand or seller, this will increase your coverage and selling opportunities because potential buyers can follow a collection that can be created as specific as you want. For example, if you operate a jewelry shop, you can create a collection of "Silver rings for formal occasions" that you can update every time you add a new silver ring into your shop. You can then share your Collections on your social media such as your Facebook fan page. Fans will love this because they can follow only the Collections tailored to their specific interests. You can also describe what your collection is all about and add description to each item added in a collection.

As a buyer, you can follow someone's collection as a watch list in better ways, because you don't need to do the tedious tasks of searching and adding the item you like. You don't even need to follow the current trends because new items will be added into the Collections you follow by the seller. For example, you can follow a celebrity who recommends fashion bags so you can just follow his/her Collections to discover new models. Or you can follow a "Recommended Action XBOX Games" collection as a guide to purchase future games.

Don't know anyone on eBay? That's okay. You can also go to eBay Browse Collections page to explore some of the Collections and filter them out by a specific category like Fashion or Electronics.

I think Collections on eBay is a game changer and a "win-win" feature for all eBay users (buyers and sellers). It would be interesting to discover what kind of Collections people can come up with. The possibilities are endless.

Craving Tech eBay Collections

As a start, feel free to browse all Craving Tech's Collections. What do you think of eBay Collections? Will you be using them?

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