Search items on eBay using your phone’s Camera / Photos with eBay Image Search App

eBay Image Search Feature

Soon, you will be able to search for an item by taking a picture of an item in front of you, or by uploading a photo that contains the item that you are interested in.

Love your favourite fashion blogger’s new boots? Upload her photo with the boots and use eBay’s new upcoming feature to find the same or similar boots on eBay.

Love my current desk setup? I actually got a few messages from the visitors to my DXRacer Gaming Chair review article, asking where I got the desk from:

DXRacer Gaming Chair Review

Well, guess what. With eBay’s image search feature (through an eBay Image Search App), you should be able to use my photo above and let eBay’s new algorithm smartly finds a similar desk (and possibly any other items that you like from my current setup).

Or if you are building a new house and trying to find some ideas for the furniture, what’s easier than get a photo from a display home, or Pinterest and use it to get the similar looks you want?

So, get your wallets ready, ladies and gentlemen. The new eBay image search feature will be rolled out before end of this year on iOS and Android eBay app.

eBay Australia is also marking its 18th year and has released some fun and cool statistics over on the eBay Birthday site.

eBay anniversary

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