Here is how to watch Emma Watson nude video. Don’t!

Emma Watson Nude malware

According to BitDefender, there is a popular trojan being circulated around in Facebook at the moment, promising clickers to be able to watch Emma Watson leaked nude video. To those silly and perverted men out there, you are digging your own grace and should stop falling into this trap.

Apparently, this so called promise is a trick to get you to “update your Flash Player” to be able to watch the video on “YouTube”. Notice all the quotes I put as the website is fake and it is not an updated Flash Player you are downloading and installing. It’s a trojan (a nasty virus program) that will wreak havoc to your computer and Facebook account especially.

Bitdefender Virus Analyst Doina Cosovan explains how the trojan works – which pretty much:

  • Entices you on a Facebook post to get you to click a link to watch “Emma Watson leaked nude video”.
  • If you click it, it will bring you to a scam site that disguises itself like a YouTube video page.
  • It will tell you that your Flash Player/Video Player is out of date and ask you to update/upgrade it if you want to watch the video.
  • Once this fake video player “update” installed in your computer, it will change your browser and Facebook settings. Plus, being able to grab your information and some other nasty stuffs (such as auto posting this trap on your own Facebook news feed and also auto like a certain Facebook Fan Page).

Bitdefender detects the browser malware as Trojan.JS.Facebook.A, executable as Trojan.Agent.BFQZ. You may want to get your antivirus to do a system scan and  clean this Trojan out (assuming you did fall into this trap, shame on you).

Please keep your eye on your Facebook news feed and calmly tell your friend who has fallen into this trap (should you see them post about this on their own news feed).

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