Want to become a Zombie and get paid for it?

Plants vs Zombies

PopCap, the developer of the Plants vs Zombies game (What? You don’t know about the game? Check my Plants vs Zombies review here), just announced something weird – 2 job positions available as a “Sunflower” and a “Zombie”.

Interested? Who doesn’t?

Make no mistake. This is an official job opening news. The candidates will be taking on a role of a Sunflower or a Zombie (from the game) to the streets for public events throughout the year. It’s definitely a fun role especially when there are so many people know about the game. Would be fun to dress up like a Sunflower and move around like crazy on the streets. This reminds me of a Zombie parade here in Melbourne some time ago (should have taken some pictures and blogged about it) but I think it would be more fun to see a walking Sunflower ( as long as it doesn’t spit on your face like what it does in the game).

To those who are interested, feel free to submit your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Again, this is serious and not a scam! Of course, it appears that this position is only for those who live in Dublin, Ireland.

Who do you want to be? The sunflower or the zombie? :)

Source: Joe.IE

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