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Increase your productivity with PADACS Rubata 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 2!


Rubata 2 ReviewOwning an iPad is great but at times, it can be frustrating to type your notes using the on-screen keyboard. Even though you can get better and better at it, nothing can beat the feel and productivity of typing on a real physical keyboard.

Thanks to PADACS Rubata 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case, an iPad can be transformed instantly into a powerful productive machine for typing documents, short notes, or even to blog. Rubata 2 will definitely put a serious thought to those who wonder whether they should buy an iPad or a notebook/MacBook.

iPad 2 Case – Rubata 2 Review – Packaging

Rubata 2 Review - front packaging Rubata 2 Review - unboxing

Rubata 2 Review - case with keyboard

iPad 2 Case – Rubata 2 Review – Design

The Rubata 2 case, first of all, looks great – even better in real life than the shots from the official product page. It is made with high quality leather and does not look cheap, compared to the ones on eBay with ridiculously lower prices. You get what you paid for. Rubata 2, on the other hand, looks awesome.

Rubata 2 Review -  frontRubata 2 Review - back

The case is sealed with a magnetic closure but it doesn’t interfere with the iPad 2 or causes any problems so far. When closed, the Rubata 2 looks like a small folder case, which is nice to see and carry.

The case has cut-offs to the iPad 2 ports, jacks, and hard buttons, like any other cases. I like how it has bigger cut-offs (design wise) on some jacks like the earphone jack (to accommodate bigger earphones’ plug). Once you slide your iPad 2 inside the Rubata 2, you will never need to take it out ever as the cameras are even accessible without taking the iPad 2 out (you do have to open the magnetic closure).

Rubata 2 Review - charging dock

Rubata 2 Review -  audio jackRubata 2 Review -  sides

I find that the iPad 2 moves a tiny bit while inside the case, though. Though not much, if you use the back camera a lot, you may have to adjust the iPad 2 here and there to make sure that the back camera is not covered by the case.

The Rubata 2 can be transformed into different viewing angles – landscape mode when you type with the keyboard/watch movies OR in portrait mode (to read magazines or scripts).

Rubata 2 Review - Contour

Rubata 2 Review -  typing on Rubata 2Rubata 2 Review - portrait view

iPad 2 Case – Rubata 2 Review – The Keyboard

The reason why you are interested in reading this review is probably to know more about the keyboard, right? So here it is. In one sentence, the keyboard in Rubata 2 rocks!! I always type a summary of the sermon every Sunday using my iPad 2 (or iPad 1 last year). Although I’ve gotten used to using the touch screen keyboard, I still felt frustrated at times. Thanks to Rubata 2, it felt like having a mini keyboard with me and actually wrote much more words than I normally would comfortably. The buttons are smaller than a notebook’s (to match the width of the iPad 2) but after a minute or two, you’ll get used to positions of the buttons. The Rubata 2 keyboard really feels like a notebook’s keyboard, though smaller.

Rubata 2 Review -  keyboard 1Rubata 2 Review -  keyboard 2

It’s obvious that the design team has put a lot of thoughts into designing the Rubata 2 keyboard. For example, the DELETE button is significantly larger and I really appreciate that. It also manages to put the keypad in somehow. Overall, typing on the Rubata 2 keyboard feels smooth and I also love the tactile feedback from the keys. Although I had a few people looked at me a bit at church when I typed too excitedly on it, the “clicky-clacky” sound actually doesn’t sound too bad nor too loud.

There are also buttons to control the volume, brightness, and also other shortcut buttons, like a “.com”, or copy and paste. Before I have the Rubata 2, it’s a pain to highlight, copy, and paste a text. Thanks to the SHIFT + Copy + Paste buttons, it can’t get any easier.

In general, using the keyboard on Rubata 2 (via Bluetooth) increases the productivity on the iPad 2 by far! The keyboard itself is powered by a rechargeable battery but guess what, according to the spec, it can last for up to 90 hours! There is a light indicator when the battery gets low (turns red) and according to PADACS, it can still support using the keyboard for a half to full day!

Rubata 2 Review - indicatorsRubata 2 Review -  charging the keyboard

To recharge the keyboard, you need to plug the included cable to a USB slot. This means you need to carry an extra cable if you have to travel for days but so what? It’s a small price to pay!

iPad 2 Case – Rubata 2 Review – Conclusion

Rubata 2 Review - front look

Overall, I’m really pleased with the design and the quality of the Rubata 2 Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad 2 from PADACS. The case is well designed and the leather is of high quality.

Having a keyboard definitely adds a bit more weight and bulkiness but if you type quite frequently on the iPad 2, then the Rubata 2 will serve you well for many months to come!

PADACS Rubata 2 case brings huge productivity to the iPad 2 with its well-designed keyboard while protecting the iPad 2 with its elegant looking case. For the price, you definitely get more than just an “ordinary case with a keyboard”.

I really couldn’t any significant flaw with this case (the sample I have is actually not the first revision so it’s great that PADACS listened to its customers and has brought the case to this level). Do not buy those cheap keyboard cases from eBay. Having a cheap keyboard case is way different than having a well-designed, well-thought-of keyboard case like the Rubata 2! It’s a pity that I have to part with the Rubata 2 for a while because I have other cases to review :(

Note: Sample provided for the review

PADACS Rubata 2 Pros

+ Elegant looking case
+ Good leather quality
+ Multiple viewing angles
+ Keyboard: Integrates with the case nicely
+ Keyboard: 90 hours of battery life (for the keyboard)
+ Keyboard: Enhances productivity (whenever typing comes into play)
+ Keyboard: Keypad, volume controls, brightness controls, and more included
+ Keyboard: Good tactile feedback + keys design

PADACS Rubata 2 Cons

– Adds bulkiness to the iPad 2
– iPad 2 is not secured too tightly, may have to adjust a bit to shoot with the back camera


  1. It seems much better than Apple smart cover because Smart cover lack the functionality which PADACS Rubata 2 case has and smart cover also don’t protect the back of iPad 2.

    • Yup. I fell in love with the Apple’s smart cover when I saw the video for the first time. Then again, after I put some thoughts on it, having no protection on the back of the iPad 2 turned me off

  2. Can it use for Ipad 1 ?
    I don’t have Ipad 2 :(
    It’s great.

  3. I also own the Padacs Rubata 2 keyboard and after about 2 weeks of use I’ve noticed two issues:

    1) Have you noticed that the keyboard puts itself to sleep in exactly 42 seconds? This is very annoying as it takes a second or two for the keyboard to wake when pressing anykey.

    2) Have you noticed that waking the keyboard up from its sleep state (ie letting it time out) often causes a reboot/crash of the ipad 2? It happens at a frequency about 1/15. Mostly if you are pressing lettered-keys coming out of sleep in a typable region (has never happened when waking from keys such as the shift-key or keyboard-key)

    Feeling-wise it is a fantastic keyboard and unmatched even by the Zagg (which offers no back protection and some “assembly” everytime to use). But I somethings I felt they did not test internally well. And the 15% restocking fee / short return period is no better than some of the cheap ebay companies you were referring to.


    • Hi Lib! Thanks for coming here and leave a good feedback to all of us!

      1) You are right. The keyboard does go to sleep if not used for some time (you counted 42 seconds?) and will take about a couple of seconds to wake up. I don’t find this too annoying though as it only takes 2-3 seconds to wake up. Maybe because when I start typing, I don’t normally pause for that long and I guess it’s good to save the battery’s life. Maybe they should make it 2 or 5 minutes instead?

      2) I couldn’t replicate this but maybe because I haven’t really tried it that many times. Not sure if that issue is on every case or just yours.

      Thanks for the comment again!

  4. The keyboard is a wonderful tool for ipad. I just hope that this tool is available in my place. The wonderful thing is the easy cleaning of the keyboard and anyone could use it for their bluetooth compatible devices.

    • Yes, it’s pretty easy to clean the keyboard up with a damped cloth. I guess you can also use the keyboard for other Bluetooth compatible devices, I haven’t tested it for that purpose yet :)

  5. I received my Rubata 2 keyboard and was dissapointed in that when I press the spacebar it does not consistently work and have to press or hold down the spacebar to create a space between words. It maybe that I need to fully charge as I have not done that yet but if it does still not work I am returning. Has anyone had this issue? How does this compare in the size of the keys to the Toccata keyboard which I would like larger keys. I have tried the Zagg and it has less keys but they are larger. Thanks!

    • Hm I don’t have this problem with mine. Is probably because the keyboard has gone to sleep? (tend to go to sleep rather quickly if there is no activity for a while)

    • I checked again and my Rubata 2 keyboard is not in sleep mode when I type and still my space bar does not consistently work (I have to press it sometimes multiple times to get it to create a space). Very frustrating! I am returning mine to Padac but when I request an RMA they do not send me a return address to send back or any email back on the RMA number. This is even more frustrating!
      I have purchased an Apple keyboard which I like much better since it is more durable, lightweight and uses two AA batteries which last long and can be recharged. I also like that the Apple keyboard is bluetooth and has larger keys like a real laptop keyboard. Much better. Does anyone know if there is a case for the Apple keyboard and IPad 2 to fit in?

  6. Hi! Anybody know what the default pairing password I need to enter when connecting the keyboard to my tablet? I’m using a Le Pan tablet, with Android.
    The user manual that was provided mentions the need for a password but doesn’t indicate what it is! Thanks.

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