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Vessyl tells you what you drink and also what’s inside


I’m not sure if you have heard of Vessyl, a unique cup launched officially around mid last year. I did actually remember reading a headline of a product that knows what you are drinking last year, but it didn’t get me excited enough to explore further.

I mean, if you pour coffee and the cup tells you “Oh, it’s coffee inside”, it is indeed cool but why would anyone want to pay $199 for this? What I didn’t realise earlier is that Vessyl also tells you the amount of sugar, protein, caffeine, calories, or sodium in the cup. For those who want to cut down on sugar, say (like myself), it’s a holy grail cup.

Tracking all these manually can be tedious, but Vessyl can sync with a mobile app (iOS and Android) nicely so you can view, manage, and keep track of what you drink throughout the day. Or, you can also set goals and the cup will do its magic to keep you on your toes.

cup auto knows what you drink

Vessyl looks like a really sleek cup with spill-proof lid, non-stick interior so you can wash it easily, smart charging system, and a minimalist display. Once you pour liquid into Vessyl, its sensor will break the liquid and recognizes crucial information about the liquid that you care about. Since everyone wants to track different things, you can set a profile unique to your situation. It will only track what you drink, so if you decide to throw the liquid away, it won’t track it. How it knows this is beyond me, but hopefully I can have a chance to review it here at Craving Tech.

The only problem is you have to bring the cup everywhere you go and pour everything you’re about to drink into it first. Not really a big deal, considering the cup is pretty cool-looking to be carried around anyway. And, it’s much simpler than having to read the labels behind a drink and trying to understand the difference between a “serving” and “average quantity per 100g”. Not to mention you then have make a mental note or try to remember how much sugar, caffeine, or water you have consumed for the day.

The first batch is to be shipped early this year for $199 if you are interested in grabbing one. Check out this video for more details on how it works or check the Vessyl website.

Vessyl official video:

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