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Vacation Mogul HDVacation Mogul HD is a building simulation game that focuses on building vacation related resorts and shops. If you have played Hotel Mogul HD before, then everything will look familiar in Vacation Mogul HD. However, Vacation Mogul HD has some improvements and tweaks that make the building sim game more enjoyable than ever.

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In Vacation Mogul HD, you need to accomplish certain goals per mission which will unlock the storyline further. Goals per mission normally consists of achieving a certain money balance, requirements to build certain buildings (and upgrades), or reaching a steady certain cash flow.

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Similar to Hotel Mogul HD, there are certain resources in the game: money, material, and worker. You need money to hire more workers and buy materials. You need materials to build or upgrade your buildings. You get the idea.

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Vacation Mogul HD looks wonderful and classy. Somehow the green-ish theme fits really well with the “Vacation” theme of the game. The animations are nicely done and quite detailed. The music is really nice and fits the mood well too.

There is also a time challenge for you to finish the goals in every mission. You’ll earn more “main” money and stars. The “main” money simply means the total money you get (rewards upon completion of each mission) and the stars can be used to unlock more buildings, upgrades, and also things to help you better in the game such as a starting money bonus on each mission.

Vacation Mogul HD Review - bonusVacation Mogul HD Review - Research

You don’t need to complete the time challenge but it adds replayability into the game somewhat because it’s really challenging to be able to complete the mission in such a short requirement.

The interface is also intuitive and before long, you’ll be tapping all over the screen to build, upgrade, and manage your resources in Vacation Mogul HD.

As mentioned on my introduction paragraph, the team at Alawar Entertainment made significant improvements to Vacation Mogul HD (compared to Hotel Mogul HD). The improvements may look minor but make the game more enjoyable and fun, such as:

  • The research has upgrades that can help you out in the game, instead of just unlocking new buildings required for the next mission.
  • When you upgrade a resort/motel, you can still earn money from it on the “pay day”. In Hotel Mogul HD, you will not earn anything until the upgrade is complete.
  • Once you complete a goal in a mission, it is marked as completed even if the requirement is no longer met. For example if you are required to have a money balance of 20,000, as long as there is a moment in the game that you’ve reached this, you’ve got that objective completed even if you’ve spent it all afterwards.

These little tweaks may not be much but it certainly helps in making the game less frustrating and more to the fun side! I love how the team actually keeps what works and improve on what can be improved.

Vacation Mogul HD is fun to play and replay. If you like a building sim game with a single twist and two, pick up this game on the iPad!

Vacation Mogul HD – Alawar Entertainment, Inc

Vacation Mogul HD Review - Story

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