Upcoming WhatsApp update shows some interesting, new features


From the WhatsApp Beta changelog, we can identify some cool new features coming to WhatsApp – which is one of the most popular messaging services out there. I personally use WhatsApp a lot to communicate and stay in touch with my friends and families.

In a rather exciting peek at WhatsApp iOS Beta changelog (2.17.3), we can see improvements, bug fixes, and new features such as Location Tracking, Message Revoking, Message Editing, and Reply to Status Messages.

There is nothing worse than sending a wrong message to the wrong person. Or when you get so emotional that you send messages without a clear mind. Alas, once you hit that “Send” button, that is it.

Or not, when the new update goes live. Looks like you can now revoke messages (cancel your sent messages) – but it requires that the other end has not read your sent message yet, which makes sense anyway. Alternatively, you can also edit your sent message in case you wanted to rephrase your words.

There is also a Location Tracking feature within a group so you can see where each other is at. It should be handy for groups who like to organise lunches or for families and close friends. Thankfully, you can always turn this feature off if you value your privacy more than convenience.

WhatsApp updated its service with audio and then video calling recently. It’s good to know that the updates are still coming and they are not just bug fixes or performance improvements.

However, in my opinion, being able to cancel or edit your WhatsApp sent messages are going to be well-accepted by the community.

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