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Top 3 Apple Watch Accessories from MacFixit Australia

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With the most recent launch of Apple Watch Series 3 Edition which can take calls while you are jogging without carrying your iPhone X, Apple Watch accessories are thriving once more.

The included Apple Watch strap, for example, is cool and all, but nothing can beat a full custom strap designed and made by other brands. They are often better in terms of design and also of material quality like what I’ve got here.

Macfixit Australia, an Australian owned company based in Melbourne is booming with Apple products and accessories to grab (i.e not just limited to the Apple Watch). What I have here today to show you are 3 of the best Apple Watch accessories from their store.

Top 3 Apple Watch Accessories from MacFixit Australia

[1] Nomad Horween Leather Strap

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This beautiful Apple Watch leather strap is the Nomad Horween Leather Strap Apple Watch 42mm with the colour of Rustic Brown (Black hardware). Just by looking at the product photo itself, you can already see the quality of the strap. The leather is made from vegetable tanned leather and smells like real leather.

Acording to the company who made it:

Horween leather used in our cases is made in the traditional style dating back to 1905. Most leathers use synthetic tanning chemicals, synthetic dyes, spray paints and spray sealants to make a “perfect” surface. We don’t think modern leathers are perfect. After so many synthetic treatments, it is hardly leather at all. We love real, old style American leather.

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It looks really bold, elegant, and classy. I’ve been wearing the Chicago strap for a long time and I’m really happy to see a worthy replacement. The Nomad Horween is definitely of the better quality – both in terms of look, and feel. It makes a statement when you wear it.

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Definitely a great Apple Watch strap for daily use, and even in for formal occasions. It is not designed to get wet (due to the leather material) so if you want to use it to jog or sport activities, definitely get the rugged strap – which is the next item on the list.

[2] Nomad Rugged Strap

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For outdoor activities or sports alike, I usually did a quick swap with the Nomad Rugged Strap, made by the same company. I really love Nomad design somehow and in my opinion, they make one of the best looking Apple Watch straps/bands with a reasonable price.

The rugged strap is, well, rugged. It’s using silicone to make it strong, naturally hypoallergenic, and water/sweat proof. This is definitely the strap to go for when you are going for a swim with the Apple Watch too.

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I wore it while playing badminton last Friday and the strap held really well. It’s definitely sweat proof and it didn’t feel itchy at all on the wrist. Even the Fitbit bands made me itch occasionally so I’m quite surprised to find how good the Nomad’s material is.

IMG_1378 IMG_1380

Unlike most other Apple Watch straps made for sports, Nomad Rugged Strap still looks really good and does not look bulky and ugly. Definitely a keeper if you still want to look good while exercising with the Apple Watch.

[3] Just Mobile TimeStand Charging Stand for Apple Watch

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I’m always longing to have an Apple Watch charger that adds aesthetic to the room, and does not take much space on my desk. This “Just Mobile TimeStand Charging Stand” does just that.

It has a really compact footprint, while still has a good weight and sits sturdily on the desk. It has an iconic and unique look like a small sculpture. It actually utilises the magnetic charger that comes with your Apple Watch. With its smart design, you can completely hide away the messiness of the charging cable within.

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What I don’t really like is that Apple includes a white magnetic charger and in my opinion does not really match the JustMobile TimeStand’s sexy black theme.

But for a cool, stylish looking Apple Watch charging stand with a small footprint on the desk, I’d highly recommend going for the minimalist TimeStand Charging Stand from Just Mobile.

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Disclosure Review samples were provided by MacFixit Australia but all opinions are mine and not paid

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