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Top 10 Worst Passwords in 2019

It’s that time of the year again, folks! A time to unveil the most popular (and most horrible) passwords that people use throughout the year of 2019.

This list is courtesy of SplashData, after evaluating more than 5 millions of leaked passwords on the internet in 2019. For the record, they have been doing this for 9 years now.

If you need a refresher, make sure to check the top 10 worst passwords in 2018 (or check out the previous years as well).

So without further ado, are you ready? Here are the top 10 worst passwords list in 2019:

#10 123123

#9 111111

#8 iloveyou

#7 12345

#6 12345678

#5 1234567

#4 password

#3 qwerty

#2 123456789

#1 123456

Unsurprisingly, “123456” is still holding its crown for the straight, several years! I don’t know why I’m saying it like it’s an exciting thing. It is the most common password that people would just throw in for the sake of remembering it easily.

But remember, at the same time, it’ll also be the password that hackers would try first on your accounts. So please, if your passwords are among these list, change them now and if possible, get a password manager instead to secure your digital life now.

To see the top 50 of worst passwords in 2019, make sure to check out SplashData official report page or watch the video below:

These passwords were based on users in North America and Western Europe, but I’m pretty sure much of these passwords are shared to people around the world.

SplashData offers three simple tips to be safer from hackers online:

1. Use passphrases of twelve characters or more with mixed types of characters.

2. Use a different password for each of your logins. That way, if a hacker gets access to one of your passwords, they will not be able to use it to access other sites. 

3. Protect your assets and personal identity by using a password manager to organize passwords, generate secure random passwords, and automatically log into websites.

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