Top 10 (Best) WordPress Plugins in 2007

First of all, sorry if the title is a bit misleading. It should be "Top 10 (best) WordPress plugins that I found and installed in 2007" but it’s too long to fit in there. I started blogging at the end of September and many plugins were installed in my WordPress blogging system since then.

So without further ado, here are they (not in a particular order):

  1. Akismet
    This plugin finds 15-30 spam comments a day on my blog. Man, I don’t know what can I do without this plugin.
  2. Dean’s FCKEditor for WordPress
    The best replacement of the WordPress’ default editor. Has a few bugs and limitations but not a show stopper.
  3. Maintenance Mode
    Disable or enable your blog with a click of a button. Good when you need to upgrade your WordPress.
  4. Subscribe to Comments
    Allow your readers to be notified when someone replies to their comments.
  5. WordPress Database Backup
    Backup and restore your WordPress important data files and database.
  6. WP-Digg Style Paginator
    Paginate your blog and posts with this plugin (Digg-style or other CSS styles)
  7. Download Manager
    Easily manage your files where your readers can download on your blog posts.
  8. WP-PostViews
    Display how many views have a post been viewed. Some people say it’s bad to display it if the postview is low. However, I found that it motivates me to keep blogging (knowing that someone actually reads your post out there)
  9. WP Tags to Technorati
    Automatically convert WordPress tags to Technorati tags. Useful to make your blog searchable in
  10. WP-ContactForm
    Create a Contact Me page with automated forms and anti SPAM feature.

I would like to thank greatly to those who spend a lot of their time and energy to make these plugins (and not asking for any payments).

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