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Windows Mobile Free Training Website

Windows Mobile Training Website is a site by Microsoft, where you can take online courses or training free of charge about Windows Mobile technology.

The courses cover how to use your Mobile Device in general, what’s Mobile Office is all about, tutorials on what ActiveSync is all about, and many more from users point of view to business perspective kind of courses.

The courses are pretty short (ranges from 10-30 minutes). The page will list all available courses and also let you know approximately how many minutes it will take to finish the course.

When you select on a course, you will be presented with information on a flash movie on screen. It’s a step by step kind of course (clicking on the next button to go to the next module, and so on).
At the end of each course, there is a quiz (mine was 8 questions) to proof that you are actually reading and learning from the session. I think this also will make sure that you are worthy to be taken into the sweepstakes (you gain one entry on each completion of a course).

Beside the courses (basically reading information on a Flash movie), there are also online documentations, video demos, etc on the site.

 I’m sure that the site is still being maintaned and new stuffs will be added in the future, as you can see from the screenshot on the right, lol.
The undefined is an error from Flash (usually comes from empty or non existant variables being printed on screen) :)

I’m sure you’ll learn something new about your Windows Mobile Device from this site!

PS: You need to have a valid Windows Live ID account to be able to access the site.


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