Tnomeralc bloggers, please stop

tnomeralc web design toys

I guess blogging about “Tnomeralc Web Design Toys” is the “in” thing nowadays and I’m fine with you putting that keywords when you comment on this blog. However, please notice on the Top Commentators section at the bottom of this blog, that “Tnomeralc Web Design Toys” has already been taken by someone else (Ron).

I’d appreciate if you don’t use the same keyword, exploit Ron’s hard work in commenting, and steal his backlink with the same comment but pointing to your URL. If you aren’t doing this on purpose, then it’s fine. Just make sure that you use your name or a different keyword when commenting :)

I’m saying this because I recently found out (Ron brought this to my attention) that there are about 3-5 people fighting for these keywords.

Next month, I’ll probably change my Top Commentators to no-follow as a result to this. I rarely have the time to validate every single comment on this blog.

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