Ambulance Drones

We have drones delivering our parcels, thanks to Amazon. We also have personal drones to have fun with like this Kaiser Baas Alpha I reviewed.

Soon, we’ll have drones that can save lives and yes, they are real (being developed and tested on at the moment in Australia from what I’ve heard this morning). These drones will carry a defibrillator with them, along with an audio visual equipment so you can be guided on how to use it.

Why all the troubles with having these Ambulance Drones around? That is because on average, it would take around 10 minutes for an ambulance to arrive to a caller’s location where a heart attack takes place. When my Pastor collapsed during a Christmas sermon, I swear it felt like eternity waiting for the ambulance to arrive (maybe not, but it did feel that way because of the critical situation).

These Ambulance Drones would only take about a minute to arrive on average and boy, they fly fast! Check the video below to see how they work:

The drone can go over an amazing 100 km/hour and will statistically increase chance of survival from 8% to 80%.

Obviously, the drones can also be equipped with other emergency kits and supplies.

The project was created by Alec Mormont.

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