Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone Review–a short but memorable experience

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone Review

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone Review – Drones are fun, real fun. I honestly never had the chance to play with a remote-controlled drone before, so I was really excited to test and review the Alpha Drone Quadcopter from Kaiser Baas.

What I got, is a short but sweet moment of fun and excitement. The creativity part will unfortunately have to come later in the future after I master the controls.

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone Packaging

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-1Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-2

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-3

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone Design & Features

The Alpha Drone is mostly made with plastic materials, so it may not have a luxurious look-and-feel to it. However, it is light – which is good, and I find that the drone doesn’t break and crack easily, even after countless fatal crashes I made due to my “awesome” piloting skill.

The four rotors and the drone’s base are pretty much protected from any mishaps (which will happen while you learn to control the drone at first).

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-13Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-14

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-15

I noticed a slight crack near one of the rotors and one of the LED covers came off after my tests, but I won’t blame the drone for it. It actually managed to survive a 5-7 meter free fall on an asphalt road a few times! All in all, I was quite amazed at how much abuse this drone can take and at $199 mark, you really don’t want it to break after one go, right?

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone is powered by a 600MAh lithium battery, which can be charged via USB.

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-9Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-7

The remote control itself has to be powered by 6xAA batteries (which are not included in the packaging). Due to the small battery capacity and the power that the drone has, you can only have roughly 10 minutes of fun. It’s somewhat a struggle to practice flying a drone the first time because you have to come back again later after it gets fully charged. Thankfully, it only takes around 1 hour to charge so you can actually carry around a standard portable charger with you if you want to. The small battery capacity is of course, a limitation to any remote-controlled drones in the market at the moment.


The Alpha Drone is also equipped with a camera that can take photos and even 720p videos (at 30fps).

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-8

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-11Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone-12

The images and videos will be saved into the microSD card, included in the packaging. You take photos and videos by pressing the corresponding buttons on the remote control. For photos, press once to take a snapshot. For videos, press once to start recording and press again to stop.

In my experience, the video quality is actually better than the photos (plus, it’s harder to take good photos while the drone is moving and shaking, thanks to my piloting skill).

Drone shot

drone shotdrone shot 2

Sorry for not being able to produce great photos for this review. I definitely still need more practice to make the drone steadier and hover in the air to take good shots. I can’t be bothered sharing you my crashed videos, but there are some great Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone videos out there like this one from techdailyvideo channel:

and an awesome aerial shot:

Learning about the remote may take some time, as it may look daunting for first-timers. However, the manual explains things pretty clearly so you should be getting the hang of it after a few practice sessions. The display on the remote shows many informational feedback, including the remote’s battery life and other settings.

Alpha Drone remote

Overall, Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone is a fun Quadcopter drone to fly and the built-in camera gives you something else to boast about, i.e taking videos of your awesome piloting skill (once you get the hang of it) or some cool looking aerial shots really high above the ground.

I just can’t wait to fly it over and over, and master its controls so I can record something cooler each time!

Alpha Drone

Disclosure: Review sample was sponsored but all opinions are mine


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