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Amazon: Would you love local pickup or delivered by a drone instead?

amazon drone delivery

Okay, there is no local pickup option yet when you are buying stuffs from Amazon. AND there is no delivered by a drone option. Yet. Apparently, it’s in the works.

A highly classified R&D project at Amazon dubbed Amazon Prime Air will deliver your purchased item from Amazon to your door using a drone, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). And no, this is no April fool joke. Or a December, Christmas joke. It’s real.

The idea with using drones as a delivery method is being able to get your purchased item within 30 minutes of  your checkout.

Here is the official Amazon video about the Amazon Prime Air project:

As excited as you can be, there are still lots of things to be considered and according to Amazon, this will still take some number of years before it’s happening. Apart from the rules and regulations from the FAA, I have lots of skeptical scenarios..

  • Will these drones be equipped with a missile?
  • What to prevent a thief intercepting these drones in the air or while it’s making a descend?
  • What if I want to play my kite and these drones are on the way?
  • How much will this service ridiculously cost?

Nevertheless, the future is almost here. If this becomes a reality, it might not be long before we see drones carrying our ordered pizzas. Amazon Prime Air is scheduled to be commercialised in 2015 (give and take).

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