The War of Eustrath HD Review for iPad

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War of Eustrath HD Review

Ohh..I’ve been longing to play an Anime style role playing game with turn based combat for several years. Most RPG games nowadays are too action oriented, compared to RPG games a decade ago. I’ve certainly missed the old turn based combat system like X-COM UFO Defense or Betrayal at Krondor back in the 1990’s.

Thank God for iQubi Inc, the company behind The War of Eustrath HD for bringing the old memories back.

The War of Eustrath HD is basically a strategic/tactical RPG (Role Playing Game) on the iPad. You control several units called GEARs (Robots with elemental powers), piloted by memorable characters in the game. The stories are quite good and told throughout the game by the characters through conversations and a few detailed artwork scenes every now and then. War of Eustrath HD artwork is really really top notch. Characters look great and the GEARS are also menacing.

War of Eustrath HD Review - Artwork 1War of Eustrath HD Review - Artwork 2War of Eustrath HD Review - Artwork 3War of Eustrath HD Review - Artwork 4

The campaign mainly consists of turn based combats, done on a single map. Your units and enemies are positioned specifically on the map when the mission starts. You take turns with the enemies (depends on the GEAR’s stats such as Agility) to choose whether you want to move, attack, use an ability, or wait. There is a tutorial on how to play The War of Eustrath HD at the beginning of the story so you should be fine. The tutorial doesn’t really cover everything though so you might have to search on their forums if you really want to know everything (such as the different arrow colors or how the Counter ability works).

War of Eustrath HD Review - Tutorial

You can view how far your GEAR can move and also the range of its attack. Each GEAR has different sets of attack and each attack requires different power to use. The pilots also have a Will which can go up and down, depending on how the battle goes. These Will points are used for different combat and non-combat abilities (increasing the strength of your attack or the evasion chance from an enemy’s attack).

War of Eustrath HD Review - Combat

When you are in combat , each side picks what abilities to use during the combat round. The attacker attacks first and then the defender, unless if the GEAR can’t return fire (due to the range of attack, etc). There is also a chance of you hitting the target and this can be affected by the GEAR you/your enemy is riding and also the abilities that you/your enemy use.

War of Eustrath HD Review - Combat 2War of Eustrath HD Review - Combat 3

At any point during the missions, you can view both the pilots and also the GEARS stats + abilities:

War of Eustrath HD Review - Combat 4War of Eustrath HD Review - Combat 5

The War of Eustrath HD is a great looking game. There is always something in the story that keeps you going and there are also a few jokes being thrown around between the characters’ conversation. There are over 50 campaign missions, 20 characters, and over 40 GEAR units in the game to keep you busy. It is a must have game if you are looking for a Japanese style RPG with turn based combat on the iPad! If you like watching Gundam or Code Geass (Anime), then you’ll love playing War of Eustrath HD!

I’m up to mission 35 now and I like how the developers keep things interesting throughout the story. Don’t really want to spoil the plot and all that, but there are always surprises after a few missions to keep you coming back to play this game more and more.

Interesting characters, fun dialogue, cool looking robots – what else do you need? Just one. I hope they make a sequel out of this :( The iPhone version is coming!

And by the way, I still have 1 promo code left for this game, so let me know in the comment and I’ll send it across (assuming it hasn’t expired yet).

The War of Eustrath HD – iQubi Inc.

Note: War of Eustrath HD promo code provided for the review

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