More stuffs to rant about on Twitter coming September 19th


At the moment, you can only type in up to 140 characters on Twitter – and those include username mentions, URLs, and media upload URLs. Meaning, you actually have less than 140 characters limit once you take those into account.

Twitter made an announcement months ago that they were planning to give you the flexibility to have more say, though they didn’t exactly say when.

According to The Verge, the update is coming 19th September 2016, which is next week.

Sure, they can just increase the characters limit to 300 or more, rather than going through all these troubles, right? But composing a tweet to express your opinion under 140 characters is an art in itself.

However, it can be quite a challenge once you start uploading a couple of pictures or mention a few names in your tweet. The new update will certainly make things not just easier, but also to bring back the art in composing a 140-character tweet without scratching your head in frustrations.

We definitely can’t wait to see the update rolls out to every Twitterer out there soon enough.

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