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Stream videos from PC to TV wirelessly with Veebeam


I have received a lot of questions from my friends on how to watch movies from a PC/laptop to the TV. My answers usually varied, depends on what my friends had at home. At the end of the day, most of the time I suggested them to get a media centre rather having to drag their PC next to the TV whenever they want to stream a movie into the TV (unless if they have a laptop). However, you still need to constantly update the media centre whenever you have new movies or photos so this can be a bit tedious task at times.

There is a simpler solution: Veebeam. Veebeam acts like a bridge between your PC/laptop and your TV but the best part is, it’s all done wirelessly.

The only wire needed is from the Veebeam box to your TV (A/V or HDMI cable). Veebeam includes a USB dongle so you can just plug the dongle into your laptop or PC (and install their software) to start streaming media to the TV. Veebeam has 2 modes: Screen Casting and Play-To modes. The Screen Casting mode is the default mode to display what’s on the desktop to the TV (like a clone, I guess). The Play-To mode allows you to stream the movie onto your TV in the background so you can still work on your laptop/PC like usual without having to pause the currently playing move.

Veebeam can stream HD content from the PC/laptop to your TV so you can enjoy those videos in its full glory (assuming your TV can support it). Veebeam really makes it easy by removing the cable clutters and the tedious talk to update your media centre every now and then with new media contents/files. Make sure you check Veebeam out when you are looking for a wireless streaming solution in your home.

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