SteelSeries releases StarCraft II MousePad

starcraft 2 mousepadstarcraft mousepad

SteelSeries, a leading manufacturer of game peripherals and accessories unveiled a new line gaming surfaces featuring arts from Blizzard’s upcoming game, StarCraft II.

The gaming surfaces (mouse pads) are the QcK Limited Edition Terran Marine and Kerrigan vs Zeratul (limited editions). The StarCraft II mouse pads are made of high quality cloth material, providing precise and consistent glides. They also feature a specially designed non-slip rubber base to prevent the pads from sliding where ever you put the mouse pads on.

Aimed towards game enthusiasts, especially StarCraft fans, there is no reason not to grab this beautiful masterpiece! Now, let’s hope Blizzard doesn’t delay the game much longer (even though it’s for the better). Or you can simply stare at your StarCraft II mousepad while waiting for the game to be released.

Source: SteelSeries press release, Chicago, 21st July 2009.

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