SPAMs without SpamAssassin

Total Junk E-mail Spams…who loves it? Somehow the SpamAssassin (the most popular mail filtering software) on my office’s email account has stopped working. I’ve been in a honeymoon so far without any spam coming to my inbox. Well there was still a few that got through, but not this many ever!

This reminds me of my Hotmail account. I have so many spam there that make me enable all kind of filtering. I regretted ever creating a Hotmail account, but alas, that was my first email address that I registered back in 1996 :D (that was the time when I came to Australia for studying).

I just can’t believe these spam some times. Some of the subjects are like this:

“Hi michael.aulia, watch yourself naked”


“Your face looks so stupid here”

This makes me wonder.. Why would I want to see a video of myself naked or when I look stupid? These spammers need to get smarter if they want people to click and send their viruses and Trojans across!

Have you got lots of spam on your email account? If you have your own domain, do you know that you can turn on SpamAsasssin on your cPanel account?


At the moment, I’m quite happy with the spam filtering on my email account. However, I usually use my Gmail on every web registration or forums. Never give your main email account away to strangers!

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