Sonos unveils an 8″ In-Ceiling Speaker that sits discreetly within your ceiling and delivers great sound

Sonos announced the latest addition to its highly successful Architectural line – the 8″ In-Ceiling Speaker by Sonos and Sonance. Redefining the standards for architectural speakers, this elegant and easy-to-install speaker offers powerful, balanced, and crystal-clear sound.

Scheduled for release in Autumn 2024, the 8” In-Ceiling Speaker will be priced at $1,599 AUD/pair.

Crafted in collaboration with Sonance, the 8” In-Ceiling Speaker boasts a custom-built, enlarged woofer and high-excursion motor, delivering a seamless midrange, impressive deep bass reaching down to 32Hz, and an expanded listening area. Despite its larger size compared to the 6”, the magnetic grille maintains consistent aesthetics, allowing both models to seamlessly coexist in the same space. The grille is available in white, providing a discreet match with a wide range of ceilings, and can be painted to cater to individual customisation preferences.

According to Audra Kinsley, VP and GM of Sonos Professional, the 8” In-Ceiling Speaker has been designed in direct response to the needs of their installers, who asked them for more size options and flexibility during installation. This new addition provides a bold sound profile and stunning performance that enhances the experience customers get when Sonos Architectural speakers are paired with Sonos Amp. The addition of the 8” In-Ceiling Speaker provides professional installers and customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the design and sound experience that fits perfectly within their space.

When paired with Sonos Amp, the Sonos Architectural line ensures crisp and clear multiroom audio. The In-Ceiling or In-Wall speakers, when coupled with Sonos Amp, unlock additional benefits, including overdrive protection and custom tuning enhancements for a fuller sound and balanced frequency response. The 8” speakers, when combined with Sonos Amp, also benefit from Trueplay tuning, adjusting the EQ for optimal sound based on the room’s size, construction, and furnishings.

Aligned with Sonos’ commitment to providing an immersive audio experience, the 8” In-Ceiling Speaker, paired with Sonos Amp, seamlessly integrates into the Sonos ecosystem. Users can enjoy an intuitive app compatible with their favourite streaming services, Apple AirPlay 2 control, regular software updates, and the flexibility to expand their Sonos setup with additional speakers and components over time.

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